tMP reporting 'live' from Weston-Super-Mare Winter Gardens

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    tMP reporting 'live' from Weston-Super-Mare Winter Gardens[imgleft][/imgleft]

    For all those bandspeople who cannot make it to the contest at the Winter Gardens, Weston Super Mare on Sunday 21st May - tMP will be there for you running 'live' reports on bands performances. If you want to know how your favourite band is doing or how they have played, then simply tune into tMP on Sunday for the news from the Weston contest live - as-it-happens.

    Unfortunately at the moment, we cannot promise to cover the combined 1st/Champ section due to current family commitments, but we will certainly be there to write up performance reviews 'live' as they happen for the 4th, 3rd, and 2nd sections and post them on tMP for you to read and comment on.

    We are also hoping to include on-stage photographs and information on your chosen test peices, as well as some additional details from the event when we are there!

    What we are doing:
    As this is an own choice contest, we are unable to offer a full adjudication report based on the score - as, unlike the official adjudicators, we won't have any scores to be looking at and reading while any bands are playing. However, if anyone reading this knows that their band is attending, and you would like a review of your performance based on the score, then by all means bring along an additional copy (or Solo Ct. part), seek us out at the back of the hall sometime before you play on stage, tell us who you are - and I guarantee that we'll do our very best to provide this for you.

    It is always good to know and to understand the basis on which opinions or ratings of a performance are constructed, as well as to receive and listen to relevant, pragmatic feedback in an attempt to ascertain how your band has played. We will therefore be offering our opinions immediately after each bands performance - some of which I am sure you will like, and some of which you probably won't like - based on the music, and on what we hear; and not on the technicalities of notes and other musical markings in the score etc. We will be reviewing performances and commenting on them based on a combination of:
    • the quality of the music played, and of what we actually hear
    • musical interpretation and expression, and the atmosphere created by the band
    • musical control, 'togetherness' of the band
    • quality of soloists (if there are any in the chosen test piece/music)
    • general band (and player) sounds, intonation and tuning
    • what we hear
    • professionalism of players on the stage
    • comments on the overall performance
    We simply can't be any fairer than that can we? Where else would you get the guidelines on how a performance is to be reviewed beforehand then eh!!

    Please don't be offended if you don't agree with what we write. This will simply be a combination of a report of our opinions on how we felt the performance went on the day, and of what's happening at the contest - in an exciting and all new 'live' environment so that people can read what's going on. Please forgive us for any hiccups or technical hitches we may experience as this is a first for us - and a first for banding.

    Please wish us luck in the same manner as we wish all bands who are competing in the contest the very best of luck for a superb performance. Make sure you don't leave your best performance in the bandroom eh!!! Here's to a great WSM...!!!

  2. John

    What a refreshing approach to adjudicating. I think you might have something there in terms of judging criteria. If only other regular adjudicators kept these bullet points in mind when judging we might get less controversial results!?

    Portishead will look out for you on Sunday. All looking forward to it but might struggle to supply a 3rd score as we have to hand one over to Mr Sykes too.


  3. TheMusicMan

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    Cheers Toppy... thanks for the comments.

    Re the Score: a Solo Ct. part will be nearly as good - we will be able to refer to placemarkings etc. from that.
  4. I'll see what I can do...but how will I find you?!?
  5. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    Blue shirt with across it...:) sat at the back of the hall on laptop...:)
  6. PeterBale

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    I'd like to see you sitting on your laptop, but it would be rather difficult to enter things on the keypad :oops: - hope all goes well, and will follow the day with interest ;)
  7. meandmycornet

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    Oh Oh Oh :tongue: for some unknown reason we actually have 3 copys of the score for our testpiece i think! I will attempt to prize it off the MD and let you have it :tongue:
    Your so amazing John! What will you come up with next? :tongue:


    P.S. Expect a visit from me at some point during the day! :D
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  9. sparkling_quavers

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  10. Charmed

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    I must say this is excellent stuff!

    It's very interesting reading tmp's review as it is happening. I wonder if actually having a score though would make a difference to the review. Would be interesting to see what the 'men in the box' have wrote in comparisson considering they are looking at a score.

    Brilliant :clap:
  11. TheMusicMan

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    Feel free to post your comments to each review.. the more feedback I get - the better. I will admit to it being very difficult without any scores and not being able to refer to placemarkings, but so far it's going very well.

    What's your opinions folks...? let me have them... :)
  12. SuperHorn

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    What's happening, nothing since 2nd section started???
  13. sparkling_quavers

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  14. TheMusicMan

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    Do you see anything now? It shoudl all be there...
  15. MAW

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    Thank you for your adjudication, John. :tup You cheered me up no end.:biggrin:
  16. ophicliede

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    Do you have the full run down of placing for all the sections? This would be a great finish to your hard work today.
  17. SuperHorn

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    What time are results due?
  18. GJacko

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    Hi John N Di

    Thanks for the comments today. Adn picture!!

    Variations was a do or die test for us and, in our opinion, we pulled off a good performance. According to the adjudicator, there was one band who pushed a step too far. That was us. I am pleased the band chose to play this very difficult test, it was a joint decision. W really enjoyed, and rose to, the challenge. We can all play Northern Landscapes, Music for a Festival and Dimensions, but it doesn't help develop the band!.

    We have the players to 'push the boundaries', which I think was appreciated by tMP. 10/10 for soloists.

    Happy with tMP 3rd, bit disappointed by adjudicators 8th. We enjoyed it though, and that's what it's about!

    Thanks tMP.....great job.
  19. Andybassbone

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    Thanks Music man for the comments on Gillingham Band - especially the one about the bass trombone - some of us are different!!:biggrin:

    You played well band.....keep it moving in the right direction for the finals, and you will do well

    I enjoyed playing for you today guys, and if Lisa, Louise and Nat have anything to do with it you will be seeing more of me in the future....:) (just don't tell my band!!)
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  20. jimmy H

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    weston contest

    all i can say is what a performance by newbridge today ,,keep it going guys :clap:

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