tMP reporting 'live' from Weston-Super-Mare Winter Gardens - Sunday 18th May 2008

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    tMP reporting 'live' from Weston-Super-Mare Winter Gardens - Sunday 18th May 2008

    Following the successes of the last few years, tMP has the honour of being invited back for more reportage live from the Winter Gardens, in Weston Super Mare!

    tMP will be at the contest at Winter Gardens, Weston-Super-Mare running 'live' reports on each and every bands' performance. If you want to know how your favourite band is doing or how they have played, then simply tune into tMP on Sunday for the news from the Weston contest live - as-it-happens.

    We are also hoping to follow a similar routine, including on-stage photographs and information on your chosen test pieces, as well as some additional details from the event when we are there!

    What we are doing:
    As this is an own choice contest, we are unable to offer a full adjudication report based on the score - as, unlike the official adjudicators, we won't have any scores to be looking at and reading while any bands are playing. However, if anyone reading this knows that their band is attending, and you would like a review of your performance based on the score, then by all means bring along an additional copy (or Solo Ct. part), seek us out at the back of the hall sometime before you play on stage, tell us who you are - and I guarantee that we'll do our very best to provide this for you.

    It is always good to know and to understand the basis on which opinions or ratings of a performance are constructed, as well as to receive and listen to relevant, pragmatic feedback in an attempt to ascertain how your band has played. We will therefore be offering our opinions immediately after each bands performance - some of which I am sure you will like, and some of which you probably won't like - based on the music, and on what we hear; and not on the technicalities of notes and other musical markings in the score etc. We will be reviewing performances and commenting on them based on a combination of:
    • the quality of the music played, and of what we actually hear
    • musical interpretation and expression, and the atmosphere created by the band
    • musical control, 'togetherness' of the band
    • quality of soloists (if there are any in the chosen test piece/music)
    • general band (and player) sounds, intonation and tuning
    • what we hear
    • professionalism of players on the stage
    • comments on the overall performance
    We simply can't be any fairer than that can we? Where else would you get the guidelines on how a performance is to be reviewed beforehand then eh!!

    Please don't be offended if you don't agree with what we write. This will simply be a combination of a report of our opinions on how we felt the performance went on the day, and of what's happening at the contest - in an exciting and all new 'live' environment so that people can read what's going on. Please forgive us for any hiccups or technical hitches we may experience as this is a first for us - and a first for banding.

    Please wish us luck in the same manner as we wish all bands who are competing in the contest the very best of luck for a superb performance. Make sure you don't leave your best performance in the bandroom eh!!! Here's to a great WSM...!!!

  2. Aidan

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    good to see some others willing to step into the firing line for people's convenience :)
    Out of interest who is doing the reporting? 'tMP' and 'we' is a bit vague ;)
  3. TheMusicMan

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    Just finalising who from the team will be present Aidan, but last year was Roger and myself doing the live reports, with Di and a friend assisting with photographs and podcasts. Previous years have been very successful with lots of interest in the live element.

    I am no professional adjudicator, and can only offer my opinion of what I hear. I have no issues putting myself in the firing line... it's all in good fun. It's also great to see how far wrong I can be in predicting the results... :) Not got a predicted 1st come in last or the other way around as yet... but there's always a first time eh :)
  4. yoshi77

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    Pillowell will be there.
    Anyone know who the official adjudicators are?
  5. TheMusicMan

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    Prof Philip Wilby, and Derek Broadbent as far as I know.
  6. yoshi77

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    Marverlous - do we know who is doing which section?
  7. The Wherryman

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    The very best of luck to you Brave People.

    What a pity your scores won't count, though.

    Oh, I can just see the thread being started already :)
  8. TheMusicMan

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    Yup - we usually attract some stick Geoff, but it's all in good taste and as you say, its only our opinion and counts for nothing in the end.