tMP presents: The World's Favourite Test Pieces 2006 - The Results

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    well done dyl, and glad to see a few of my picks made it in, altho outside of the top spots... am interested, what is the highest 4th section nomination, and why is it so many pieces are championship / 1st section choices? Having played a fair few lower section text pieces, I have to say that there is some beautiful music going on... do people think it's inferior because it's somehow easier?

    Just interested!!!
  2. PeterBale

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    I think one of the factors in the dominance of higher section test-pieces is simply that more people are likely to have heard them, due to their availability on highlights recordings etc, whereas lower section pieces may only really be familiar to those who have actually played them in their section.

    There may also be a feeling, as seen in some of the reasons given above, that some of the top section pieces have a particular significance, and should be given priority because of that.
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    I reckon Peter's hit the nail on the head there.

    With the odd exception and the Regionals CDs it's not that often that the lower section pieces are committed to tape....time to get recording everybody ;)
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    But having said that, it's very interesting to note the impact made this year by Philip Sparke's 'Triptych' - a piece that possibly hasn't been used that much in set-test contests, including the Regionlas, or appeared on many CDs - just some excellent music (particularly the slow movement) making a lasting impression on people.
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    Did you mean to leave out 'energy' by Robert Simpson or is it in the list and I just can't see it?!?:confused:
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    People obviously didn't vote for it - cracking piece, though.
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    In my opinion Eden is the finest piece ever wrote for brass bands
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    I know this is mainly a Brass Band forum, but wondered if these pieces, or at least some of them, are also available for full wind band. (if they are, instead of just a yes or no, I'd appreciate if you could include a URL to the publishers)
    I play in a community band in the States, and am always looking for interesting pieces to suggest to our director. I've been perusing this forum, and especially this topic, I've really had an itch to hear some of the pieces mentioned. Are there CD's available that may include some of the more popular pieces, especially the top ten rated? I'd like to know what you chaps are talking about.
    Thanks in advance to any replies.
  10. Anno Draconis

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    Some of the Peter Graham Works (Harrison's Dream, Northern Landscapes and Journey to the Centre of the Earth) have wind band versions, available from Gramercy Music.

    Also some of the Philip Sparke pieces are available in concert band versions - Music for a Festival, Year of the Dragon, Music of the Spheres, The Land of the Long White Cloud. See Philip Sparke's website for more info.
  11. PeterBale

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    Several of the Gilbert Vinter pieces have been arranged, including "James Cook, Circumnavigator" and "Spectrum" (Rodney Newton).

    Peter Graham has arranged both "Montage" and "Harrison's Dream": see his site at

    "Resurgam" has also been done, I believe by Geoffrey Brand.

    "A Moorside Suite" (error corrected) has been arranged by Geoffrey Emerson, but I don't know if that is generally available. Gordon Jacob arranged the "March" on its own.
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    Hi Peter: You must be referring to the sequel to his better known "A Moorside Suite" ;)
  13. PeterBale

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    Whoops :oops:
  14. g.w.e.

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    A Moorside Suite

    Geoffrey Emerson's arrangement of Holst's Moorside Suite is for 2flt, 2ob, 2clt, 2 bn, 4hn and string bass. Published by The Red Hedgehog, it's available via June Emerson Wind Music.

  15. John Brooks

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    There is a good selection of CD's available. I'll try to compile a list of possibles from the top 10 rated over the next few days, but you might want to visit and wet your appetite.
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    Thanks for the info, guys. It is appreciated.
  17. tuba hero

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    Great Job

    What a great list, it just had to be done! There are some songs that i know of , and some i dont. If anyone would like to spare the time, heres my top 10:
    1. Extreme makeover
    2. Vienna nights
    3. Journey into freedom
    4. Les preludes
    5. Terra australis
    6. Music of the spheres
    7. Paganini variations
    8. St magnus
    9. Prucelle variations
    10. Le Roi d'Ys
    Well, thats what i thought the top 10 should've looked like, none the less, great list!
  18. John Brooks

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    Isn't Terra Australis the piece played by YBS on their Australian tour? Is there a recording available now?
  19. tuba hero

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    Yeah, your right, Martin Ellerby wrote the piece for the YBS tour of australia and the national band council or whatever their name is, thought that Terra Australis would make a good test piece for the A-grade bands at the 2007 nationals, which was won by Brisbane Excelsior for a third consecutive year. The only recording of the piece i know of is on the 2007 australian nationals CD which is avaiable through musos media, but other than that, i dont know of any more recordings, sorry.
  20. PeterBale

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    The only recording I am aware of is the Royal Marines playing a wind band version. Details can be found here: