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    The Dream

    Once again the power of has helped the dreams of one bandsman come true. Tim Benson (timbloke), solo trombone with the Stannington Brass Band, has for a number of years been a fan of the music of Neil Hannon and the Divine Comedy. One piece in particular, National Express, was a favourite of his, and Tim was keen to play it in a brass band - unfortunately there were no arrangements of the song for band.

    The Mouthpiece To The Rescue

    Tim realised that tMP provided an excellent chance for getting the music he wanted arranged and started a discussion on which pieces would work well for bands. Arranger and composer Tim Paton (timbone) suggested National Express and asked if anyone else agreed. Tim Benson quickly replied and the two Tims got in touch and discussed how the arrangement could work. They agreed a trombone feature and Tim Paton set about writing the arrangement.

    The arrangement was finished only a few weeks later, and, with copyright secured, Tim Paton sent Tim Benson the finished work. Tim Benson took the music to rehearsal at Stannington Brass Band and it instantly became a hit with the band who left whistling the melody. The piece not only retains the fun of the original, but it cleverly uses the band, and a bit of additional vocals from the cornet section.


    Derek Renshaw, MD at Stannington Brass Band, agreed to include National Express on their programme for the summer. Details of where the band can be seen are on their website at They are also proposing to include the song on their forthcoming CD. Tim Paton has put the music on general sale through his website at or through

    Tim Benson and the Stannington Brass Band would like to thank Tim Paton for the arrangement, and above all thank tMP for providing the opportunity to have this arrangement made.
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    I think there's only one word that is appropriate as a response to this.


    I for one will certainly be attending a job to have a listen!
  3. DublinBass

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    Behold, the power of tMP!!

    Good luck Tim(s)!!
  4. TheMusicMan

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    That is simply a fantastic news item Tim... what a story, and thanks so much to you for posting it.

    Reading it also confirms that the massive effort put in by everyone here to make tMP what it is today - totally and undoubtedly 100% worthwhile. Thannk you.
  5. A big hearty congratulations to Tim (Fuzzy) Benson, who is known very well known at Silk Brass AstraZeneca (The Macclesfield Band) after he depped with them on their Austrian Tour in 2002 and also supported them in The National Finals in Torquay in the same year. (Yes Tim, the band still do remember you getting up early the following morning to write WELL DONE SILK in the sand on the beach before you left to go home!!).

    No doubt Silk would like to get their hands on a copy of this music and play it in honour of Tim. Anyone know where we can purchase a copy and at what cost?

    Again, well done to Fuzzy and of course the other Tim too!!

    From all at Silk Brass
  6. TheMusicMan

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    You can contact Tim on tMP, or try visiting his music publishing site which is here -

  7. timbloke

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    Thanks for the kind words Scooby. As John said, TP Music can provide a copy. I'm sure you'll enjoy it and that Mr Snelson will enjoy the solo tromb part. Let me know how it goes.
  8. BryonySnell

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    This sounds wicked.
    I for one would really like to hear or get to play this arrangement.
    My cousin actually plays the French Horn on the original recording (Have a look his name is Matthew Gunner!) ;)
    Cheers guys
  9. timbloke

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    Just to let you know, we will be playing National Express this Sunday (2-4pm) at Connisborough Castle. Come along and listen. Hatfield Band will also be there from (12-2pm).

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