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    tMP Gallery Rules & Guidelines for posting images

    1 - tMP Gallery Privacy and Moderation

    tMP is 100% commited to protecting the privacy of all our members. This includes threads and posts on the forum, links listed in our tMP Links Directory and now of course - gallery images. We want this to be great fun for ever tMP'er and you can help us maintain this protection by ensuring that you have the image owner's permission AND permission from those within the image (if appropriate) before submitting your images to the tMP Gallery.

    submitted images, regardless of content, will be moderated by the tMP Gallery Team and will need validating prior to publication. The tMP Gallery Team have final say as to which images are permitted. The tMP Gallery team are;

    theMusicMan (John), Roger Thorne (Roger), Dyl (Dylan), Keppler (Neal), Sparkling_Quavers (Rachel), WoodenFlugel (Ian), PeterBale (Peter), Dinie (Diane)

    If you feel your image has been unnecessarily removed, please contact one of the team and we will discuss.

    2 - Images not permitted

    The usual tMP 'Family Friendly' rules apply to the the new Gallery feature, and absolutely no Porn, Spam, or offensive images will be tolerated in any way. Examples of images that are not permitted are;

    Spam, Porn, Racism, Cruelty, Abusive or offensive images.
    No minor(s) under the age of 16 should be named (unless specific permission is obtained from parent or legal guardian)
    Any other images the tMP Gallery Mod team deem inappropriate.

    Any images deemed inappropriate will not be validated by the team and will be removed immediately. If we become aware of continued inappropriate submissions, the user may be banned from using the Gallery and if this continues, will be banned from tMP itself. We will also consider naming those who abuse the tMP Gallery.

    3 - Constraints on Image Uploads

    The tMP Gallery is a free feature and as such can I ask that you do not abuse tMP's webspace and file limits.

    File Sizes: 100K maximum (except BMP) and 600*400 pixels
    File Types: JPG, GIF, PNG, JPEG, BMP (60K only)

    We will consider revising these limits if they are found to be too stringent (if additional tMP webspace is available). At a later stage we will also consider allowing the uploading of relevant movie files.

    4 - Copyright on Images

    By submitting an image to the public tMP Gallery area - you retain copyright ownership of that image but you agree to give us permission to use that image to promote tMP, and all features on tMP, as appropriate.

    5 - Hotlinking

    Hotlinking is theft. Please respect this free tMP service and do not hotlink to any images on tMP. Any person found hotlinking to other www sites will be reported to their webhost.

    6 - Private Image Galleries

    tMP will soon be introducing a Private Members Gallery where those individuals will be be the only ones who can upload images to that area. This will be a premium tMP service and as such please would you contact John for further information.

    If you feel this service warrants a donation and you would like to help cover the costs, you can always help by going to UserCP > Paid Subscriptions area. Many thanks.
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