tMP Exclusive Interview with Andrew Thompson - Webmaster, Barnsley Met Band

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    tMP Exclusive Interview with Andrew Thompson
    Webmaster – Barnsley Met Band

    By way of an introduction, could you please tell us a little about yourself.

    I am a 17 year old college student studying both music and ICT.

    Are you actively involved in playing a brass instrument with any band, or do you simply undertake the web design on behalf of a band?
    I play tenor horn for Stocksbridge band and Barnsley Met Band

    How long have you been involved in web design, and how did you first get involved in it?
    I first became involved in web design when a website manager was needed at the band after the previous one went to university, and have been involved in it about 2 years.

    What applications did you use to build your site and why did you choose these?
    I use Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 and Adobe Photoshop CS2 for images.

    What content do you feel should be included on a brass band www site?
    Player information / rehearsal information / engagements.

    Why should people visit the Barnsley Met Band www site?
    It has a lot of information and a vast photo archive. Enables you to find out everything about the band.

    What would you recommend as the best way to start to learn about designing and building www sites?
    Learn how to do it before you start! Unlike me.

    How do you see the influence of the internet assisting the banding movement over the next 5 to 10 years?
    It provides an extremely useful resource for all bands, where the public can find out everything they need to know. Also to keep forgetful members informed!

    In most visited order, what are your 5 most frequently used www sites?
    1- (as its my homepage)
    3- (of course)
    4- (update it far too much)
    5- (very useful!)

    Do you use online community forums, if so, which ones do you use?
    Use a few forums infrequently, and use themouthpiece and the forum I created for the Met' band site.

    What do you do to relax and unwind?
    Play tenor Horn!

    What are your other hobbies?

    Camping, cycling, reading.

    What do you drive?

    Im only learning!
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