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    As you may know November will bring tMP’s 2nd year anniversary. In this time tMP has grown from humble beginnings to where we stand today. tMP is THE place to discuss banding, with over 2500 members and web stats beyond amazement. To celebrate, we are hoping to put together the biggest event tMP has contemplated so far- the tMP Dinner Dance 2004.

    What exactly do we mean by ‘Dinner Dance’?

    Just to give you a basic idea of our first thoughts:

    We are hoping for:

    1. A formal (Black Tie) do
    2. 3 course dinner
    3. Live Dance Band
    4. Guest speaker
    5. Awards and Presentations

    When would this happen?

    Setting the date has been the first difficult job. November is a busy time for banders and it is impossible to suit everybody. We have chosen a provisional date which does not coincide with any major competition –Saturday 6th November 2004.

    And Where?

    We need to pick a central location so are looking at hotels and venues in Birmingham.

    The tMP team would like to welcome aboard Ian Hayto aka WoodenFlugel to head the Ball Organising Committee. Ian, along with a number of volunteers and the tMP team will be spending the next few weeks looking into the viability of the event.

    In the near future Ian will be posting further announcements including approximate costs and venues. We will be then looking at people to register their interest attending. Please note this date, and the event itself is provisional. We need to ensure we have enough interest to give the event the official go-ahead.

    If you have any comments, suggestions, or would like to volunteer your services to help in any way please PM Ian or any members of the tMP team.

    So remember, note 6th November in your diaries and watch this space for further announcements!


    EVENT UPDATE: Some fantastic news. We have been discussing provisional plans for the possible format and structure for the event, and we decided that one of the activites/agenda items we might include could be the presentation of the winner of the tMP Composition Competition. The excellent news is that Philip Sparke (our composition main judge) has confirmed to me that he will be present at the event (should it go ahead of course), and will both present the award to the winning composer (chosen on tMP via a poll by you) AND will officiate and will entertain us with a short pre or after dinner talk.

    So, though still in a provisional status, momentum for the Dinner Dance is growing, and interest is certainly there, so please support tMP here by registering your interest in actually attending the event and post details in this thread. We simply cannot do this without you. Many thanks.
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    Does in Scotland - Whitburn Invitation Contest.
    I know a certain young lady will be very disappointed. :cry:

    Our band are defo attending the contest.
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    I'm sorry Moy- it has been a nightmare choosing a date- there is always SOMETHING on. We have done our best to accomodate for as many tMPers as we possibily can. I promise to buy kirsty plenty of drinks at the next tMP social :roll:
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    Hi all,

    I thought I’d better post in this thread before things moved along too much. Firstly I want to thank John and the moderators team for their continuing support, and John in particular for allowing me to head up the team to organise this. As a relative newcomer here he has shown great trust in allowing me to help organise this and you can all be sure that I will be working extremely hard to make this a truly memorable event. John and I have spoken at length about this event and we are both very excited at the possibilities, and we have some very exciting ideas in the pipeline.

    It’s very unfortunate that the date we have provisionally set seems to clash with commitments of some people actively involved in this site, if this date clashes with any of your commitments then I am truly sorry. November is a busy month for us all and the 6th was felt to be the best compromise.

    We will be working very hard over the next few months to keep costs down, both for the evening itself and for accommodation. I have already started to obtain budget quotes for the venue etc, until I have a better idea of numbers I can only give an estimated cost, but for the meal and dance the likely cost will be £40-50 each.

    Before we can move on to the next stage, we need an accurate assessment of the level of interest from tMP’ers. Please use the form below to register your initial interest, we will use the replies to decide whether this event is viable or not. Please, please only fill out if genuine. :wink:

    So just to confirm arrangements as they stand:

    Provisional date: Saturday 6th November 2004
    Location: Birmingham
    Cost: £40-50 each (estimated)

    Keep an eye on this topic for further developments over the next few weeks, and as Rachel has asked, if you have any suggestions please post them in my original topic:

    Thank you.




    Number of people in party:

    Number of under 18’s in party:

    Student? Y/N:
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    Username: WoodenFlugel

    Number of people in party: 2

    Number of under 18’s in party: None

    Student? Y/N: N
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    Username: theMusicMan

    Number of people in party: 3

    Number of under 18’s in party: Maybe 1

    Student? Y/N: N
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    Username: Big Twigge
    Number of people in party: Just me
    Number of under 18’s in party: None
    Student? Y/N: Yup
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    Username: Lynchie

    Number of people in party: 1 :cry: although it may increase once I actually start uni...

    Number of under 18’s in party: 0

    Student? Y/N: Y
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    Username: Roger Thorne

    Number of people in party: 3

    Number of under 18’s in party: 1

    Student? Y/N: No
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    <---- snip ----->
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    Username: Super_sop

    Number of people in party: me!

    Number of under 18’s in party: 0

    Student? Y/N: N
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    Username: Sparkling_quavers

    Number of people in party: me!

    Number of under 18’s in party: 0

    Student? Y/N: N
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    Update: check the update in the original 1st post here...;)
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    Username: BBCbariUSA

    Number of people in party: 2

    Number of under 18’s in party: 0

    Student? Y/N: (part-time)
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    just me


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    Username: WWI

    Number of people in party: Owwnly mee!

    Number of under 18’s in party: 0

    Student? Y/N: no.
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    You didn't check the engagement list before posting!, we have our major concert that day! (nope your not getting out of it, if I have to do it you do....!) :(
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    What's your name? Roger?! I really wanna go, and isn't it a freebe?!
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    Nope its our MAIN concert for this year (the one that the Band is organising, promoting, etc) OK, it's for charity BUT it's a biggie.