tMP Competition - Win tickets to see Canadian Brass

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  1. dyl

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    tMP Competition: Win tickets to see Canadian Brass


    Following our announcement yesterday about the forthcoming series of UK concerts by the world-renowned ensemble, Canadian Brass, tMP are proud to announce that we have, through the kind donation of Yamaha Musical Instruments been given a pair of tickets for each of the following 4 concerts:

    St John’s, Smith Square, London - November 7

    Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Glasgow - November 8

    Bridgewater Hall Manchester - November 9

    Cardiff Cathedral - November 10

    To be in with a chance, all you have to do is answer the following 5 questions, complete the tie-breaker question, and send them - via PM - to myself by 5pm on Wednesday 26th October. Obviously, the tie-breaker will only come into play if we have a tie when collating the answers for each venue. Please note: you may only select one venue as your choice.

    So, here are the questions:
    1. Name the three men who helped develop the Yamaha Xeno Trombone?

    2. Which Canadian Brass release contains the following tracks: "Echoes of Harlem", "With You I'm Born Again" & Mozart's "Rondo (from Horn Quintet K407)"?

    3. The soon to be released Yamaha Xeno Cornet carries a signature mouthpiece bearing the name of which successful Cornet player and conductor?

    4. Name the three current members of Candian Brass who were part of the original line-up formed in 1970?

    5. was created in which month of whch year?

    Tie-break: Complete the following, in no more than 15 words: "I want to see the Canadian Brass because................"
    Remember, your answers must be sent via PM to myself - by 5pm on Wednesday 26th October.

    Good luck!
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  2. dyl

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    Entries have started to come in for this contest, so to give yourself a chance to see one of the best brass ensembles in the world, pm me now!
  3. Moy

    Moy Active Member

    Hope not too late.

  4. dyl

    dyl Active Member

    Hi Moy - no, you're not too late at all!

    In fact, seeing as it's half term in some areas and that this is a busy week for a lot of people preparing for Pontins (ourselves at tMP included) we've extended the deadline by a week. So the new deadline for this contest is now Wednesday 2nd November @ 5pm.

  5. Moy

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    Go for it Moy - could be a nice birthday present if I win.
    Just need to get all the correct answers tho.
  6. groovy

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    Hi just wondered when we would find out the results of the comp cos I will want to buy tickets if i don't win!!
    Cheers, grooooooves

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