tMP Closing - again...!!

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    he he.... for those who were here a few months ago you might remember a similar post... remember the one that got your attention yeah!!! how cruel of me again huh! :twisted:

    So OK.... the time has come :shock: , and I can't hold off any longer, it simply has to be done... my heart has already started beating faster just thinking about this. :( We are closing actually, but only for about 4 hours on Friday 31st October 2003 for some desperately needed upgrades to our forum software. I attempted to do the upgrade a few months ago but came across several high-risk issues that caused me to abort the upgrade process.

    This is short notice I appreciate but I plan to close tMP for 4 hours from 12:00 pm through to 16:00 pm on Friday 31st Oct in the afternoon. I need to upgrade the software to the latest versions as several upgrades to this software have been released since I launched tMP back last November :!:

    I hope to have everything upgraded on tMP, running successfully and back to normal with all current functions and modifications within a few hours.

    Apologies about the short notice and timing of this to anyone who will miss their daily 'fix' - I promise to do my best and act quickly when I do this... please can you spread the word. :) no hate mail please.... :?

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    Just a reminder that tMP will be closed for a few hours tomorrow afternoon...

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    Phew... that was less painless than I had anticipated.. :)

    Some of you may be interested to know that everything went OK during the software upgrade yesterday afternoon, and all the code ammendments were successful :) tMP has grown so much during this last year that I used & paid a professional software company to undertake this upgrade for me. They did a wonderful job and I am very pleased with their professionalism and thought you may like to know who they are.

    They are called SiteMakers and are based in Somerset. Click on the link to visit their website.

    Hope we didn't cause too much interference to your Friday afternoon!