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  1. Why oh why oh whyyyyyyyyy is the clock on tmp an hour and 5/10 minutes behind?! :shock: Drives me maddddddd!!! I am posting this at 22.34, but I bet it says something like.... 21.30 on the thread!!! LOL.... :evil: GET IT SORTED!!! :evil:

    That will be all :roll:
  2. OK.... so they cant hack 24 hour clock.... but you see what I mean! :p :lol:
  3. eckyboy

    eckyboy Member

    Agree with you on that one--how hard is it to do it right---are you a conducor perchance--time signatures are there for all to follow. :shock:
  4. Roger Thorne

    Roger Thorne Active Member

    You'll find that the time is altered in your own Profile.
    Click on the white button at top of page and scroll down to 'Timezone'.
    Alter clock to read GMT + 1 Hour and this will put the time right on your PC.

  5. Oh b*ll*cks!!!

    *wanders off.... looking like a right eejit :( :oops: :oops: *

    TIMBONE Active Member

    I assume that the reason why tMP keeo their clock at GMT is not to confuse the members from around the world, I mean, us Britsh may understand British Summer Time, but............mind you, I've missed it a few times, including an extremely embarrasing situation!
  7. TheMusicMan

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    Spot on Timbone... we can change the global time settign but prefer to let users set their local time..:)
  8. Okiedokie of Oz

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    Having my settings changed to GMT+10 makes things easier to see by how muich I've missed the newest post without thinking too hard!! 8)
  9. bruceg

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    I've noticed this too then wondered, when playing around with phpBB on a local web server why there isn't a setting to pick up the local time settings from the PC. Bit of a pain having to set and reset the settings twice a year... (not a dig at tMP in any way).

    God, I'm so lazy :D
  10. neiltwist

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    it's only an hour during BST though!