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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by ploughboy, Jun 26, 2004.

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    Here are some pictures from tonight's March at Easingwold... Small ones are about 100kb, large ones about 800kb.

    SMALL: 2004/PICT0001small.JPG 2004/PICT0002small.JPG 2004/PICT0003small.JPG 2004/PICT0004small.JPG 2004/PICT0005small.JPG 2004/PICT0006small.JPG 2004/PICT0007small.JPG 2004/PICT0008small.JPG 2004/PICT0009small.JPG 2004/PICT0010small.JPG

    LARGE: 2004/PICT0001.JPG 2004/PICT0002.JPG 2004/PICT0003.JPG 2004/PICT0004.JPG 2004/PICT0005.JPG 2004/PICT0006.JPG 2004/PICT0007.JPG 2004/PICT0008.JPG 2004/PICT0009.JPG 2004/PICT0010.JPG

    I also have a 1 minute video clip, with sound! But it's 25Mb! Right click the link and "Save Target As..." 2004/PICT0012.MOV
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    Nice piccies!

    (Love the Baton :wink: )
  3. P. Sanderson

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    E Mail it to me at and I will try and get it on our site this evening.

    Paddo should have a load of our official pictures on his site by then as well
    (Marlin Images)
  4. paddo

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