tMP Band and Pontins to support Brass Band Aid

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    [IMGLEFT][/IMGLEFT] tMP Band and Pontins to support Brass Band Aid

    Following the huge success of last year, Band has once again been invited to perform at this year's Championships which are being held at Prestatyn on October 29th & 30th

    Similar to last year, two performances will be given - an hour's concert in the Ballroom between 7.30pm and 8.30pm on the Saturday night, and a short performance before the announcement of the Championship Section results on Sunday. is proud to announce that permission has kindly been granted by the Pontins Brass Band Committee for a collection to be made during Saturday's concert to raise funds for the excellent Brass Band Aid project. tMP has been a supporter of the project since its inception by providing a platform for discussion and awareness of the venture, but it was felt early on that an effort would be made to support the project in a more monetary fashion, and everyone at tMP wish to thank Frank Hodges and the Pontins Committee for the opportunity to be able to do this at this year's Championships.

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  2. Bob Thompson

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    Outstanding tMP and tmp'ers

    Your support is superb, many many thanks from the BBA'ers!

    Do you need any more players?

    Once again, many thanks

    ps you are on the events section of the website.
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    Some Celebrities would be good! :D
  4. Bob Thompson

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    Ok I will bring Briony and Sophie down then!.......smiling here

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    Would be great to see the Brainchild! :D
  6. Bob Thompson

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    I get sick of seeing her!!

    Mind you, I must point out, and Briony would be the first to do this, the original idea to make a cd came from Steve our conductor, getting the 4 local bands together, to raise money for world vision and awareness re the Make poverty History initiative. Brionys idea was the celebrity band, getting the celebs to take part and the Do They Know its Christmas music, Ure and Geldof et al.

    The other bands deserve credit too, Broughtons, Ferryhill, Barnard castle and our band,Stanhope Silver, all gave of their time etc to contribute to the project .

    I may bring her down anyway on condition however, that I can leave her!!

    Bob, the wonderful, caring, doting and loving father!
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    It sure would be good to have Briony in the band when we play at Pontins Bob... I can picture it now... RT making the announcement about the collection and Miss Briony taking a standing ovation...:)