tMP Announces "tMP Player of the Day - Whits 2006"

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    [imgright][/imgright]tMP Announces "tMP Player of the Day - Whits 2006"

    As you will have read, tMP made some awards at the Whit Friday Marches. Brasscrest generously offered to sponsor up to two students/youngsters by paying for their travel fees if they were unable. As the big day approached, it was apparent that we had no one to fit the bill. A suggestion was put forward and Robert kindly agreed, to sponsor a "tMP Player of the Day" . Further to this, Roger offered to sponsor two smaller fun awards, so, trophies were bought and engraved accordingly. A bottle of champagne and two pieces of music were added, again by Roger, to the pot for the winner of the tMP Player of the Day and two pieces of music plus the trophy were awarded for the "tMP Split of the Whits - 2006" and "tMP Wit of the Whits - 2006".

    As the standard of the whole band on the day was so high, chosing a winner was difficult, but a unanimous decision was reached and Natalie White of Gillingham Imperial Silver Band, playing soprano was awarded "tMP Player of the Day - 2006". Congratulations Natalie, a most deserving and gracious winner.

    "tMP Split of the Whits - 2006"

    There was a very early (within the first 10 bars of the first parade) candidate for the "Split of the Whits". Although the note wasn't technically a "split", Osian Tomos of Deiniolen Band, playing baritone, dropped in an absolutely beautiful accented, forte, unscheduled "solo" which was unrivaled by the end of the evening.

    "tMP Wit of the Whits - 2006"

    The "tMP Wit of the Whits - 2006" was won by our very own Dyl. There were several funny comments, remarks and jokes made during the course of the evening but none that we thought warranted a prize. We had to wait until the early hours of the morning to hear the 'funniest comment' of the day. The award was duly presented to Dyl but finding a person capable of operating a camera at 5.00 am wasn't easy so unfortunately there isn't a photo of the presentation.

    As for Dyl's winning comment . . . . well, this is a family friendly forum and that will remain a closely guarded secret in the confines of our moderators forum.
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  2. Lisa

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    Yay, well done Nat!

    I will remind her this weekend about tMP so that she hopefully will log on and see this! :)
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    Hi Lisa

    I think Nat should buy us all a drink to mark this award on Saturday:)

    You at Longleat too?
  4. Lisa

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    I think you should buy Natalie a drink to mark this award actually...and you can buy me one too...and Lou! ;)

    Yes, I am at Longleat. I will be there for all of the German activities! Can't wait! :biggrin:
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    Think I'd have won that last year after my "blob" at Greenfield, playing The Mouthpiece, conducted by the composer, Darrol Barry!!

    Looks like you had a great time though. Sorry I couldn't be there to witness it all!!
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    For winning the tMP trophy,this is above and beyond the call of duty.I now officially appoint you to S.P.A.S Hall of Fame, this entitles you to consume copiuos amounts of alcohol at any gathering of bandspeople, fetes, concerts.etc,It also gives you licence to TONK out anything up the octave, It also permits the use of soprano cornets extremely loud, when on the march, Signed President S.P.A.S
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