tMP Announces launch of "tMP Interview Online" series

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    "tMP Interview Online"
    series: Raising the profile of banding

    In our continual attempt and commitment to the promotion of banding, raising awareness of music, brass music making, and specifically brass banding, tMP is delighted to announce the launch our tMP Interview Online series with eminent musicians from all over the world.

    During the coming weeks and months, tMP will interview eminent musicians, composers, and people involved in our movement and beyond, and will present these interviews as part of our interview online series. We have secured sessions with banding personalities, and have an incredible 'coup' lined up to launch the series by presenting a fantastic interview with an International rock star who commenced their career in the 70's, and who remains a huge international figure to the present day. Look out for details of this first interview very soon.

    It is always good to promote all forms of music making, and specifically for our movement - brass music making. The Interview Online Series is an attempt to further promote and raise awareness of brass banding, to modernise peoples perception of it and to establish broad opinion of our movement such that we can embrace whatever we need to do to build on it. We very much hope you enjoy reading these interviews, and as ever, if you have suggestions as to who you would like us to approach and interview as part of the tMP Interview Online series, please feel free to contact me or ask here.

    Many thanks
    John & tMP Team
  2. Di

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    Excellent move John.:biggrin::clap:

    Now you've got the whole of tMP holding their breath. :)
  3. Ooooh interview James Morrison!
  4. MRSH

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    If you were on Messenger this morning you'll know who this is ;);)

    What a brilliant idea, John, I trust the first one went OK :clap:
  5. TheMusicMan

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    Hehe... it went brilliantly thanks Matt. Have almost written it up and am awaiting formal approval from the PR company. Might get something back this weekend, I hope to be able to put it on soon.
  6. sprithammereuph

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    Possible Reviewees

    Brian Bowman(Euphonium) http://
    Johnathon Whitaker(Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba) links down at the moment but as soon as it gets back up to speed...I will post it. Mr. Whitaker is my private teacher by the way.
    Trevor Groom(Euphonium)
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    How about John Wallace, currently principal of the RSAM, and recently announced his retirement from playing?
  9. TheMusicMan

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    Great suggestions everyone - please do keep them coming. I want to try to get to talk to the people you would like to hear about.
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