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    Hi Everyone

    I thought I should make a brief announcement for you all that explains a few things about tMP, and how we propose to maintain our growth, our free availability for everyone, and our desire for continuous future development of features whilst striving to meet your requirements.

    Don't worry - there's no threat to tMP :), I remain totally and fully committed to our future, and we're here for the long haul. However, as you all know - I fund tMP out of my own pocket, and given the fact that we have grown fantastically, and beyond all recognition, I know that you will also appreciate that the associated costs of running and managing tMP have grown proportionally, and in tandem.

    Yes sure, I get some of the costs back through the wonderful support of our sponsors etc, but this is nowhere near the amount needed to maintain the overall costs required for adequate running of tMP. Presently, we raise around 30% of our costs through current methods of sponsorship - which obviously isn't nearly enough. The rest comes from me!! (and Jen!!:)) If tMP had remained the same size then sure, but we haven't (which is great), and I am also hoping that we will continue to grow in the near future.

    So, to be honest, these are the main reasons I have been introducing additional ways to generate revenue for tMP, and to provide new services for you all that allow you, as members, to feel good about the fact that you can contribute to the running of tMP in the process :tup

    Here's a summary of what we currently offer, and are all ways in which you can help us.

    tMP Available Services

    Sponsorship through promotional banner - (Sponsorship info)
    tMP eMail Service (eMail info)
    tMP Web Hosting - (Services info - you need to select tMP303 template to view)
    tMP Private Forums - (Services info - you need to select tMP303 template to view)
    Voluntary contributions - (User CP > Paid Subscriptions)

    You may also have noticed the new Google AdSense programme on a few pages. This is totally free for me to subscribe to, and can, if managed properly and if supported well by you, our wonderful membership, provide a small amount of valuable additional income.

    So, here's the options I would very much like you all to consider: if you are a band looking for a new webhost, or you want tMP to set up your new site with you managing your content, if you fancy an email address, if you want to sponsor tMP via a promotional advertising banner for your band/site/event, or even if you just feel like voluntarily contributing as little as £2.00 to help us in a small way - please, please get in touch with us. Honestly folks, every penny helps.

    tMP is here for you and will always remain free to join and use, but tMP also needs you...:) please don't forget. Please help.

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