tMP and IBEW join forces for an exciting new project

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    [imgleft][/imgleft]tMP and IBEW join forces for an exciting new project

    At tMP we have always tried to encourage and promote the best www sites in the banding and brass world - and it is with this in mind that we are extremely pleased to announce an exciting collaboration between tMP and the excellent brass band resource, The Internet Bandsman's Everything Within.

    As you are all no doubt aware, the IBEW is an online information resource for brass bands and other brass related groups, instrumentalists, organisations and suppliers. It includes comprehensive listings of websites and resources for brass players, various services, e.g. events diary, together with a large archive of information and images on historical matters relating to brass bands. And with tMP being the place to discuss your banding issues it seemed natural that our paths would cross, even though both sites offer completely differing services.

    [imgleft][/imgleft] The result of a recent meeting between the owners of both sites is the new and exclusive IBEW category here on tMP.

    This category is split into a number of sections, all of which are open to our members to add their own information and to discuss the information already contained within these sections, and the wider IBEW as a whole. The sub-categories of the IBEW area are:
    • IBEW Feedback
      Comments and discussion on the IBEW itself, its content, directories, features etc.
    • Historical Bandsmen
      Information and discussion about bandsmen of yesteryear.
    • Extinct Bands
      Information and discussion about bands that no longer exist
    • Brass Band Genealogies
      Information about the past lives of bands (current and extinct), their origins, previous names, amalgamations, and how and when they folded.
    • Events and Music of the Past
      Details and discussion about vintage events - the contests and concerts of earlier days, together with the music and recordings of the time
    • Other Historical Matters
      Any related historical or vintage information, memorabilia or discussions related to brass bands, organisations, instruments etc.
    This area will of course be looked after by the current team of moderators on tMP, but in addition, Gavin Holman, the owner of IBEW will be the main contact and moderator of this new area. Gavin commented;

    "Contributions and submissions to the IBEW have made it what it is today, and the link up with tMP will give a much broader range of opportunities for discussion and sharing of information. Support and encouragement for IBEW from John and many other tMP members since tMP began has been most welcome, and I am looking forward to a much closer relationship and the wealth of good ideas and information that tMP members have themselves or have access to."

    So please join me in welcoming Gavin (whose username on tMP is brasspenguin) to a more active role at tMP, and I hope you are as excited as I am in having this area on tMP - I am sure it will be another chapter in the success stories of tMP and IBEW.

    This exciting new area can now be visited by clicking here.