tMP accepting nominations for '3 Years Live' awards

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    [IMGLEFT][/IMGLEFT] tMP Announces '3 Years Live' Awards!

    It is often said that you should never dwell on the past, but as well as looking to the future, we at tMP feel it's important to celebrate past events, both here on the site, and in the general banding world.

    Some of you will, no doubt, remember our previous awards, so as we approach our 3rd birthday, we are now going to open up the nomination categories for this year. These nomination threads will run till Friday 2nd December, and on Saturday we will close and collate all the nominations and you will then be able to vote on the top 10 nominated entries in each category, up until midday on Saturday 17th December. The results of all the polls will be collated, and announced on Sunday 18th December.

    Here is the link to the main '3 Years Live' announcement, along with details of how to nominate:

    Happy nominating!
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