TJR 6500 cornet for sale

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    Hi all

    I have a barely touched Trevor James TJR 6500 double trigger cornet which I bought in a hurry as a spare when it looked like my main weapon was on it's last legs two days before I was due to play the last post at a memorial service. I've picked it out of the case about half a dozen times since October. It has a lovely rich sound I can just get more response out of my beloved DEG signiture which has been with me for some time

    It would make a great second instrument or a step up for a youngster to trigger cornets.

    There is not a mark on it as you might expect because it has been in the case. It really is just wasting away in there and I prefer instruments to be played. There are two sets of valve tops (not caps) one quite modern and one more traditional in style.

    Would be happy to post, will cost roughly 10 to 15 pounds in the UK

    I'm also trying to off load a few instruments so I can replace my beat up Brevette Flugel for use in a small group.

    Cost new £750

    Will sell for £500 and will consider sensible offers

    PM if you are interested



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