Titanic test for British Open 2009

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by WorldofBrass.com, May 7, 2009.

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  2. Excellent choice - a video of brass band Oberosterreich playing it was on the british bandsmen website yesterday - possibly still on there today?
  3. Aidan

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    I'd have thought it more suited to the grand shield or all english international masters or whatever it's called nowadays. Isn't it a little easy for the open?
  4. Frontman

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  5. Chris Hicks

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    lets hope there's better performances on the day then on that video frontman posted!
  6. You can now view the premiere performance of the work on BB website's Video of the Day:


    It brought the house down at Symphony Hall that day.
  7. Brian Bowen

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    How do you view the clip when it tells you

    "Your browser does not support this object. This is an object and it represents data that is also available at http://deanostoybox.com/download/ ?

    When I click on the url, I find a number of wav files at deanostoybox but none refering to "Titan's Progress".
  8. Hi Brian,

    It is mystery why the link does not work. There is not specific page for the clip, it is just on the main homepage of the BB website.


    BB team
  9. WorldofBrass.com

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    It was Brass Band OberOsterreich's own choice test piece at the 2007 European Brass Band Championships. We put it on our highlights DVD. The composer used a pseudonym on that occasion.
  10. Frontman

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    It's the same band as the clip on the British Bandsman Website only at a different contest.
  11. WorldofBrass.com

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    Your clip is from The Schagerl Brass Festival 2008 which, to my knowledge, didn't include a contest but was an event staged by the instrument manufacturer of that name.
  12. brassneck

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    It sounds well suited to the acoustics of the hall. Great choice.
  13. Aidan

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    Maybe it's just the horn parts :)
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    The reason you are seeing that instead of the video is that you do not have flash player installed or flash player is disabled in your browser. Whoever put that video used jwflash mediaplayer to display it, and used the code I had posted to the jwflash user forum without changing the alternative message, so it points to my site which has nothing to do with the video in question. You just need to get flash player and you will be able to view the video in your browser no problem.
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    Heard Leyland play this one last year - fantastic piece!
  16. PeterBale

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    I reckon it's a great choice, and I'll look forward to seeing what sort of interpretations we get.

    One thing I'm surprised nobody has picked up on in the announcement: it states that it is the first time a work by a non-Commonwealth composer has been selected for the Open. Quite apart from the various works written in Europe but arranged by a Commonwealth-born writer, what about 1955's choice, Erik Leidzen's "Sinfonietta" ?
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    Flights are booked im not missing the open this will be my first year ever and I cant wait!! I booked them when I head what the test piece was!!!