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    It is indeed very sad to hear this news. For any band to fold is sad, but Timperley Band was an old established band and not, as you say 'a band which suddenly appeared on the scene'.

    I recall being at Torquay when they won the 4th section at the National Finals under the direction of Graham Hetherington.

    I believe that the band then went through a bad time but came back under the direction of David Evans, at which time, they quite correctly approached the North West Area Council with a list of new players. With whom the NWAC placed in the 1st or 2nd Section at the areas. Quite correctly.
    (Shame that certain other bands didn't do it).

    To all the players and conductors who have played or helped out at Timperley, (of which I am one), may I congratulate you all and wish you well for the future.
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    That is a Shame. Its not good to hear that Local Bands are winding up.

    I hope that all your players without a home soon find somewhere else.

    We have quite a few Bands in the NW so you shuold all be OK.
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    Sorry Frontman, I didn't mean to imply that Timperley suddenly just appeared on the scene, but they did make a meteoric rise to the top flight though.

    Incidentally, I've know Graham Hetherington for nearly 40 years and was also Torquay, Timperley won the Area and came 4th at the Nationals in Torquay.
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    I have to wholeheartedly agree with you here though.
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    Statement re: Folding of Timperley Band

    The decision to fold the Timperley Band was made by players at last weeks AGM. Over the past 2 and half years the band has had a backbone of three main players who have been in charge of the general every day running of the band. At this point in the life of these players, it was time for them to seek help in the general running of the band and although players were willing to help in anyway possible, the jobs players have within the band unabled them to do so. For example the band included players in the role as lecturers, deputy and assistent heads, teachers, engineers, insurance directors whose busy work life stopped any further commitment other than playing in order to keep a high standard of banding going. Timperley folder with a total of 18 players. You may be asking why this happened with so many players being in the band. Reason 1 - Timperley band have struggled to fill vacent positions in certain seats e.g. Basses, Solo Trombone, Solo Cornets, Percussion for over a year. Through calling hundreds of past and present players we were still unable to recruit. Reason 2 - Trafford Music Services are struggling to produce brass band players. I work as a Teacher in a Trafford School, (Not Music) Within the school we have no brass playing students, although we have a child whose parents have and are still are playing at the top end of brass banding, the child meanwhile has given up playing and is no longer interested in brass banding. Trafford just doesnt have the students to boost lower section bands allowing them to progress in to higher section bands. Reason 3 - In the Trafford Borough there are 4 bands, Eccles, Sale, Flixton and previously Timperley, That totals 150+ players if all of these bands were to be full? Is this the case? are they full? NO!!! bands in the area have vacancies just like Timperley did. Reason 4 - Believe it or not, Banding is dying. Top Section bands in the North West have and are struggling for players to fill certain seats. the following bands have vacancies, Pemberton, Wingates, Wire Brass, Surely the attraction would be to go to a better well known band than a lower section band? dont know is my answer. Reason 6 - Last week at the meeting the band was informed by the contest secretary that news of relegation to the second section had come through. the band also felt that this would also be a factor when trying to attract people to the band, where would you go? top section band with a vacancy or a 2nd secton band. different people have different views. BUT this week the band had a new letter saying, we are sorry for the mistake, but you have not been relegated, we got it wrong from the grading commitee. Bad mistake to make especially when it could affect a bands future.

    Anyway in conclusion it was felt that the band was best to fulfil its final commitment at Northernden Golf Club St Georges Night Concert and then meet for a final social get together (Past and Present players and conductors TBA) within the coming weeks. The band had great financial backing from a number of kind hearted people, but just couldnt find the players in the end to make it work.

    Final Thanks to Gary Winsford (Chairman) Tony Kennedy (Contest Secretary) Tim Dines (Librarian & Player Manager) Alan Hobbins (Conductor)

    The final Timperley Band

    Alan Hobbins

    Will Moorley
    Matt Fearn
    Phil Symons (Sop)
    Matt King
    Rachel Hall
    Adam Corbridge
    Dave Hamilton
    Mike Brook

    Stuart Black (Flug)
    Chris Pannell
    Duncan Silcock
    Kim King

    Tim Dines
    Geoff Hayes

    Andy Wood (Left March 2010 due to work committments)

    Karen Armfield
    Gary Winsford (Bass)

    Eb Bass
    Will Evans

    Bb Bass
    Tony Kennedy

    We are all sorry to see the band go, but plans of possible charity concerts including timperley of old players will maybe in the pipeline for once a year.

    Secondly, if you are interested in any of the equipment please note. there will be strict criteria which will have to be met. More details can be obtained from contacting Gary Winsford, see 4barsrest article.

    Matt Fearn
    Timperley Band
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    The reasons you give for the band folding are interesting. If bands around here followed suit at least 3 or 4 bands would have folded over the last few years.

    The best way of attracting youngsters is by starting your own training band. Don't rely on local education to do the job.
    I have known bands down to 8 players a couple of years ago that have fought and slowly, attracted players (over 2-3 years) and are rebuilding. This is at top section level. My belief is if the will is strong enough and there are people prepared to do the work (this sounds like an issue you faced due to other commitments) then it can be done.

    Top section Vs lower section? Well.... A lot of good players nowadays will go to a good lower section band. Better chances of winning, less pressure/commitment and the opportunity to work/go to parents evening without getting sacked are all positives.

    These comments are general about bands in decline/folding and their reasons why. They are certainly not directed at Timperley, it is a shame to see any band decide to call it a day for whatever reason. If the whole band are in agreement that this is the best course of action then
    I wish everyone involved the best for the future.
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    What a shame about the grading mistake.

    I've known some higher section bands 'fold' and then simply rename (a little) and then reform and enter the grading system as a new band at the bottom and do loads of winning up the sections, but as has been pointed out Timperley has previously asked to be regraded, into the first section after reforming. I have total respect for that, rather than go for a few years of hollow victories and perhaps depriving other bands of long earned promotions and prizes.

    I enjoyed a few drinks with the band at Torquay at the Nationals and have since followed progress with interest. I wish all the players well for the future.
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    Totally agree with Di's comments about setting up a training band. Also not wishing to direct it at Timperley, I think bands up and down the country who find themselves in this position need to think hard about how they can build from the bottom with a training band - or maybe find another local band who does have a training band to help them build from the bottom and then provide an opportunity for the better players to move up the sections. I have seen a number of bands who have done this and acheived success from the strength of the Training Band being able to fill in the gaps that are often so hard to fill.

    I also agree with Di's comments about the pull of top section. I (along with a number of other people I know) have stopped playing at the top level in favour of playing in a 3rd or 4th section band. The band I'm with didn't do very well at the area, but that doesn't matter - I get a chance to play with less pressure or demands for commitment and therefore can fit banding in with my busy work and family life. You'd be surprised how many players out there a capable of playing at higher levels but don't want to commit - it is a shame how many of these chose to stop playing altogether rather than playing in a lower section.

    I hope most of the players from Timperley will continue to play regularly, or at least to help out at a local training band.
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    I also agree with Di's comments, Verwood Concert Brass took the descision when we reached the second section to secure our future by offering some of our players an alternative who didn't want to leave VCB as the standard got higher, so we formed a B band from some of those members and from members of our Training band. The B band competed at the regionals this year in the 4th section and came 14th out of 24. The training band is going from strength to strength with 30 plus members. In total we now have 85 plus paying members, so it is a shame when you hear people say that banding is dying. We are also in a band rich area with at least 5 local bands. I still have to get deps now and again but show me a band that doesn't.

    I wish the players of Timperley well and hope they continue to play somewhere.
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    It is such a shame to read about Timperley. I know exactly how hard a struggle it is, as through my association with Besses I've come to learn the hard way just how difficult it is not only to attract players to a lower section, but also to run the non playing side of the band. I do wonder sometimes if people would only stick with it a bit longer that the tide may turn? It is no secret that Besses has been in freefall for at least five years, with numerous player and MD changes. In comparison to Timperley, this time 18 months ago Besses had only 12 regular players, and found ourselves relying on the good nature of our regular deputies to complete engagements.

    Now we are only two seats short of a full, regularly attending band. We still have only 5 people (myself included) 'backstage', but have worked hard on building the correct sort of atmosphere and work ethic. Our area result was not good, but we are looking at the future, and I can safely say this is the most settled band Besses have had for a good half a dozen years. It's a shame that Timperley decided that the second section (as was their belief at the time) would not have been a good enough carrot for players. There are some fine bands in this section in the North West, and the musicianship on display is fabulous in some cases.

    It's a shame that a band with Timperley's history should fold. From someone also fighting for a 'name' band to survive, I wish you all well. I know how hard your task must have been. I'm sure there are many wonderful memories to share.
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    I think for the record Timperley actually folded in Febuary 2005, Graham had left a couple of years before (end of 2002 if the memory is correct) but we couldn't raise a band for the areas (in the third section) so after a meeting the band then folded and reformed as a top section band in 2006 with the blessing of the old members. Still a shame though to lose another band.
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    Looking at the website for Timperley that seems about right.

    The vast majority of brass band websites have a section on their history (it is amazing how many bands claim to be the oldest surviving brass band in their area or even in Britain!) and there are usually at least a handful of sepia photos showing groups of burly and surly men with big moustaches, pork pie hats and sludge pump trombones, but Timperley's website only seems interested in the very, very recent history.

    Frontman said that Timperley were an old established band (of which I have no doubt) but it seems to me, and certainly going by the website, that the band lacked the soul that the vast majority of bands have. So yeah, it seems that Timperley actually folded some years ago as mictop said.

    Playing ability has been excellent though, and I have made a point of watching them with much admiration each and every Regional (and occasional National) for years.

    (I'll never forget Graham Hetherington bouncing into the Spanish Room to take the band to a winning performance in the 4th Section. How could the band do anything else when confronted with that confidence!)

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    Timperley were actually formed as a completely new band around 1999-2000.
    I think "old and established" is over egging it a little!
    After the first 3-4 years the band started struggling for regular committed players and unfortunately this continued right up to the end (as has already been stated the band folded for a while then started up again).
    When they re-formed the idea was to compete at the highest level possible with a group of players that only wanted to commit to 1 rehearsal a week (i.e. former top section players that no longer had the time/inclination to commit to full time banding).
    Unfortunately some of these players got back into enjoying banding again and drifted off to other top section bands that were full time (I know this as I was one of them!!) so the band became a victim of it's own success.
    Big respect needs to be given to Tony Kennedy, Mark Evans, Tim Dines and Gary Winsom (not Winsford as one of the previous posters, a current member of the band, has referred!) for keeping the band going against all the odds for so long.

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