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  1. Sonny Barker

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    Hi everyone!

    I need some advice. Which timp sticks are the best for all round playing? I'm a self-taught drummer, with no formal training, but my conductor is asking me to play the timps more. The choice is wide and my experience is narrow.

    Any makes or types I should be looking for?
  2. drummerboy

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    Might I suggest Chalklin mallets. Not too pricey, and they have a nice feel to them. Probably the best timp sticks I've used. I'd go for a pair of the hard mallets for now, as you can get both subtley and power from them.
    They are pretty common, though if you don't have a local music shop that stocks them, try http://www.bellperc.com/fsbell.htm
    They have excellent delivery and keep pretty much everything in stock.
    Feel free to PM me if you need any more advice.
  3. MarkGillatt

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    I'd agree with the above. I think Chalkin do a junior series or something like that with a narrower stick, they have "borrowed" from Dave Morbey but without the £80 price tag. If not the symhonic series are OK. I would personally go for a medium stick if you are buying just the one pair.

    Mark Gillatt
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    Again I agree with the above posts. When I first started playing percussion my teacher told me to get some Vic Firth 'staccato' sticks - they're a good all-round pair that are soft enough for quiet passages/rolls etc but they still give quite an attack if you need it. You can get them from Bell Percussion or JaM Percussion. Give one of them a call anyway, I've always found them quite helpful, as I still don't really know what I'm doing!
  5. Timpking

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    Try Smith Mallets only available from ebay I think.
    They are shipped in from America but get here just as quick as suppliers over here.
    They sell a set of four pairs of timpani mallets, from soft to really hard wood. Great for brass band use as they wear well and don't cost as much as Morbey or Rossman's etc. Personally I prefer them to Vic Firth, Chalklin and all the other usual makes as they have a much bigger sound and longer handles.
    Also they stock great marimba, vibes, xylo and glock mallets at really cheap prices.
    Worth checking out.
    Let me know how you get on.
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  6. drummergurl

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    as others before me have said, i would reccommend chalklin timp sticks. the medium ones will do alright as an all round pair. do not whatever you do get the double ended sticks, i personally hate them (and have never really had a use for them)! one of my percussion section at youth band swears by my double ended sticks, and they are absolutely terrible (particularly for technique).

    i own some david morbey sticks, which i use alot, and quite like! but i wouldn't reccommend them unless you were to be doing alot of timp playing in the coming few years, as they are rather expensive!
  7. Shaggy

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    i would say get a cheap pair of medium or soft. Do NOT get a hard pair especially to start with, thats completely wrong. Any fool can smack the hell out of the timps with a pair of sledge hammers and think its a clever thing to do....dont fall in to that trap! Just one pair is fine to start with, untill you have got used to the feel of the timpani, and start to understand just how much dynamic range you can cover with one pair.

    What you need to concentrate on is tuning, and producing a musical note that will blend with the band. Most of the time, timps need to be "felt" rather than heard, and you will find that difficult to acheive by starting off with hard heavy mallets, so keep well clear of them untill you have had a lot more time on the skins.
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