Timp skins, timp tuning and servicing

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  1. Bit of advice from those who know about Premier pedal timps please.;)

    Earlier in the year I had to substantially tigthen the skin up on one of our pedal timps to get it in tune, in other words the pedal mechanism couldn't get the skin to play the notes the timp was supposed to be able to play. Recently I've noticed that the timp has the same problem again.

    To my untrained eye, the pedal mechanism seems fine, so..... do the skins stretch and hence slacken over time? If so, can you endlessly retighten or should you get a replacement skin at this point? Lastly, I think maybe it would be a good idea to have the set of timps looked at and serviced every now and again, but is there anyone out there who can do this work? the timps are about 15 years old and have never had a new skin or any servicing.:eek:

    Would be grateful for names. We are in Buxton, North Derbyshire, so names in travelling distance would be especially welcome as the timps won't fit in the post box!
  2. There is a premier site with advice for tuning etc.
    I guess after 15 years the skins might need replacing... materials only stretch so far before losing elasticity and in this case tuning.
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    buxton... how far is that from huddersfield? Ray Payne (provides percussion for all north west contests and some major championship contests) will fix and retune timps for a fee. i don't know how much, but he'll overhaul it. he's done some for a band i used to play for.
  4. anyone got a contact detail for Ray Payne?
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    Anywear in the North of England Ray Payne is your man should he not be able to help I would highley recommend Ev-ents percussion who do most of the contests thtat Ray dousnt do, although there based in South wales. I know of some bands that have taken there timps to a contest while Ray has been there and hes done them in the contest day. You wont meet a nicer bloke who knows his stuff.
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    In the interests of balance (I've know Ray for 30 years and Adrian for 20), you could also try contacting Adrian Evans at Ev-ents:



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    Cheers Pete for adding the link!
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    Time to resurrect this very old thread.

    We have a set of Premier Copper Pedal Timps, that I'm pretty sure haven't been tuned since new. Which was over 6 years ago. My question is what do I tune them to? By that I mean normal middle C on a piano?

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    Think the standard practice is to start with A and then tune up the gauges in 4ths, 5ths and octaves.

    If you hum the note into the head you should hear the timp sing it back when it's in tune.
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    I don't know how to phrase it any simpler. My Eb tenor horn plays a tuning note that isn't the same as the Bb's playing the same tunng note. So are Timps tuned to concert pitch ? There, that should ask the question better
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    Yes, tune it to a glock or vibes. It is concert pitch.
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    Ah Top man. Thanks for that. It's what I guessed, but wanted to be sure.

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