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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Matt the Shed, May 11, 2011.

  1. Matt the Shed

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    Hi guys,

    I've been looking over the timp part for Gemini, which actually I really like - how often do we get a nice bit of solo work, especially in a decent range and at a quiet dynamic?! I don't even mind the 15/8 stuff - we'll I'm a drummer, so why would I?!!

    Anywho, whilst I've not played this a great deal yet (Blackpool to get out of the way first), but I'm a little nervous about the pedalling in some of the passages, for example the first 12 bars - because it's quite slow I recon I'm OK until the 9th or 10th bar, but for the next 3 or 4 bars I'm panicing a bit! It also gets a bit scary after D1 with a number of quick changes. I'm sure there were another one or two places with very quick changes, but I can't spot them ATM.

    Anyone got any tips? Is everybody playing on a set of 4 timps like me? Please help!!

  2. Matt the Shed

    Matt the Shed Member

    I managed to find a way of sort of doing it on 4 timps if you don't let some of the timps ring as long as written. Having said that apparently 5 timps are being supplied, which should make a couple of passages much easier!
  3. Matt the Shed

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    First proper rehearsal on this last night. Much much easier on 5 timps than 4!

    Kit list says 5 Yamaha balanced action timpani are being supplied, which I think the first contest I'll have played at with balanced action timps... could be interesting!
  4. Accidental

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    I still think we need to rustle up at least one more for you to complete the circle, and a spinny chair.......
  5. HBB

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    Definitely inspired me to write a spinny timp solo in my next piece Alex!
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