Time to say Goodbye - Conte Partiro

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  1. Anyone know if there is a Bb arrangement solo of this song?

    If there is, and you know who's arranged it, and if you know who might have published it, please say in this thread

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    Time To Say Goodbye


    There is an arrangement by Philip Sparke. I'm not sure who the publsher is though.
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    We have that one at band and it's published by Studio.

    Checking Just Music - Philip Sparke arrangement is £15 the de haske is £23.95 - however they give no other information e.g difficulty etc.
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    My arrangement is not done as a solo. I don't know about the De Haske one. Worth giving them a ring:-

    01536 260981
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    I have done a arrangement of this piece with song soloist.. In the right key and same version as Sarah Brightman.. PM my for at recording...