Time for terracing to return?

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Would You like to see the return of standing at football

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  1. Chunky

    Chunky Active Member

    It appears that discussions are taking place to see if standing at matches can return. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/6444083.stm

    I spent many a year standing behind cages on terraces at football matches and never once (fortunately) felt as though my life was in danger.

    I enjoyed the atmosphere much more and it seemed that singing and supporting your team was much more vocal. Getting to sit at a match pre Taylor report was seen as a treat, but never did you get the same atmosphere.

    Now of course seating is the norm, but I too would still rather stand.

    I appreciate the reason for installing all seater stadiums post Hillsborough, something had to be done. Yet it was the football supporter who suffered (nothing compared to those who lost their lives). Atmosphere was lost, but worst of all it became more expensive.

    New stadia had to be built, grounds had to install seating in some cases on 3 sides of the ground. Also the reduction in capacities caused by seating meant revenues were reduced. All this had to be paid for. By the supporter.

    Yet going back to Hillsborough, the main reason for the disaster was the lack of proper training and communication between the police and stewards and the decision to open an exit gate and let too many fans into an already crowded area. If seating was in place, and under the pressure the police were, I feel they would have still opened the exit gate and let people into a crowded area.

    I would love to see a return to terracing, on the proviso it is safely monitored.
    From first hand experience, I know that stewrd training these days is very extensive and monitoring systems ie cctv are much more widely used and more effective.

    Its strange you can have a football ground used for a pop concert and everyone can stand; you can stand on a train travelling through bends at over 100mph. The government deem these things as safe, but its not safe to stand at a football match.

    So who would like to see the return of terraces?
  2. Maestro

    Maestro Active Member

    Without a shadow of a doubt my fellow canary.
    With terracing, at least I could fit in a space and wacth the game :oops: :oops:

    Can we bring back the bouncy burgers and bovril as well?
  3. geordiecolin

    geordiecolin Active Member


    The problem was the fences as opposed to the terracing. Whilst the Taylor report was obviously a good thing, what isn't is the fact that the powers that be only took on the bits that suited them. The fact that we have all seater stadia is not down to safety, more the fact you can charge someone an extraordinary amount of money for a plastic seat.

    What is also often forgotton about the Taylor report is that it advised that if large numbers of fans are still outside then kick off should be delayed. In this day and age of Sky and sponsors, how often does that happen??
  4. onebandman

    onebandman New Member

    The silly thing is with all-seater stadia is that loads of people stand for most of the game anyway. This could potentially be more dangerous. If there was any sort of crush among people stood in the seats there'd be the added dangers of people getting trapped and trampled between rows of seats, and sharp edges of broken seats sticking up.
    I have the (mis?)fortune to support a League Two club so I still see plenty of terraces, but even down here they are gradually getting fewer as clubs get new grounds and stands. The biggest terrace remaining in the Football League is at Wrexham. It has a capacity of 5000.
  5. Chunky

    Chunky Active Member

    The events in Rome & Seville last week prove the point of how dangerous seats can be.

    People could not get out of the way very quickly of the trouble.

    Seating was bought in as a way of controlling numbers allowed into any one area of a ground.

    People do stand and stewards spend the whole game asking the people to sit.

    I would love to see terracing return, if properly controlled and managed.
  6. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member

    Yes, yes and thrice yes.

    The atmosphere in the Panasonic Stand of the Galpharm stadium is quite frankly dead. Bring back the Halcyon days of standing in the cowshead. That was proper atmosphere. This polite clapping malarky just doesn't do it for me. And while I'm on the subject, is there only me and my kids in the Panasonic Stand willing to make any noise?!?!?

    You're at a football game for crying out loud...if you wanted a quiet afternoon you should have gone with your missus to cross stitch class or whatever it is they do on a Saturday afternoon.

    Cheer Dammit, that's what sport's for!!! :mad: :mad:

    *rant over.*
  7. MattB

    MattB Member

    Couldn't agree more. Used to love standing on the terraces. Although, how many on here experienced the Kop at Blackpool's Bloomfield Road in all it's glory? God it was terrifyingly big!

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