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    Over here in NZ we run a band much like any other in the UK, but the question came up recently over a few after rehearsal pints...
    How many different jobs do we need to do to run our band (other than playing)?

    The obvious ones came up of course, Library, humping kit on and off buses & Public Relations - but we soon realised that you could create an endless list.

    Wanna help? Can you think of any others that players in your band has to do?
  2. DRW

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    Other possibilities: -

    Music / programme chooser - (if not the conductor / MD)
    Child protection officer (if children involved)
    Dispute mediator (if not the conductor / MD)
    Secretary(ies) booking, contest, minute-taker
    Player register for gigs i.e. ensuring it is known who will be at which jobs
    Deputy booker
    Record-keeper (if not secretary / treasurer)
    Deportment manager
    Concert front of house (ticket sales / refreshments)
    Concert venue set-up
    Compere notes research
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    Tea maker
    percussion "Roadie"
    Twitter Feeder
    Facebook Admin
  4. If you have a good chairman - he'll do all that and make the tea!
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    I am and I do!!!!!
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    Poster designer
    Programme designer
    Raffle tickets sellers
    Leaflet dropper
    Promotions manager