Tilbury Band in Concert - with guests Regent Brass!

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  1. cornetcheese

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    An varied evening of music hosted by the Tilbury Band alongside Tilbury Brass Academy and with guests Regent Brass. Programme includes the 1st and 2nd section Area Contest Test-pieces, "Kingdom of Dragons" by Philip Harper and "Moorside Suite" by Gustav Holst.

    Tickets cost £5 from Andrea Lewis, Tilbury Band secretary. see the Tilbury Band website for more information. www.tilburyband.com

    Concert will be held in Tilbury Community Centre, Civic Square, Tilbury - 7.30pm o.n.o.

    Be there, or be somewhere far less interesting!!
  2. markh

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    Is there a prize for guessing the date?
  3. The Wherryman

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    That was just a hook to get you to visit the website ;) (where you'll find the date)
  4. cornetcheese

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    Doh - sorry, completely forgot to put it down! Concert is on Saturday 6th March.

    I knew there was something important I forgot to mention!

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