Tight or What?

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    I used to work with a bloke who would not spend anything on the house / car or things that where essentual, Pub / club / betting shop he even took his wife out for a meal there where no worries on that score but his home or car no chance, he came into work letting off steam about a old chap he had nealy knocked down so I said to him " why did'nt you sound your horn", and before he could answer I butted in with, "you have not unplugged the horn so can save on electric again". :clap: :tup

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    Nice one:clap:
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    Is there anybody else with some little ditty or story. Come on you know you would like to tell one.

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    lol... in Turkey a few weeks ago someone was trying to sell us leather handbags we didn't want... a friend came up with the amazing line 'we're vegetarian, won't wear leather!'
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    I used to work with some wierd and wonderful people because I have another one, who happens to be Cornish, now 5 minutes talking to him and he gave me headache, I decided with my arm behind my back and in pain,to take a Holiday in Cornwall now I used to go to Devon and Cornwall in my waggon, but never rearly stopped,anyway while we enjoyed ourselves spending money and eating out I noticed this Garlicy smell and then the waitress came over and she reaked of the stuff, I said " they must be expecting Vampires tonight" trouble is everyone in Pub heard me and started laughing, any way back to the story, my day back at work brought the ususal questions, how did your holiday go, you've all heard it and then the Cornish chap came in "shouting how did your hols go" I responded with" there is telephones down there" he asked me why did I not think we had telephones in Cornwall "I replied because I thought you shouted to another" like stood on St Micheals Mount [which is a good test piece] and relayed the message to St loos.

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