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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by jo, Sep 20, 2003.

  1. jo

    jo Member

    Does anyone know where to get tickets for the scottish open 30th Nov? there is no information on the royal concert hall website (not even got the contest in their events calander) and I havent been able to get through to the box office.
  2. Euph Kidd

    Euph Kidd Member should put you in touch with people in the know. The posters are out as well so Im guessing tickets should be available by now. Theres the Gala concert at night as well, which Im playing in! :D
  3. jo

    jo Member

    is the concert in the same hall and if so am I looking in the right place cos they have advertised "an evening with Aly Bain..." for 29th November, which doesnt sound very brass band-y to me!
    this is the site I looked it the right venue?

    I will try the box office again!! thanks
  4. Euph Kidd

    Euph Kidd Member

    Yeah, the whole day is in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, dunno wots happend there!
  5. allanw

    allanw New Member

    The Scottish Open contest and concert both take place in the Concert Hall on Sunday 30th November as far as I'm aware.
  6. jo

    jo Member

    finally got through to the box office...the first time they told me they had never heard of the event and was I sure it wasnt being held somewhere else, but I rang back later and spoke to someone else, who said they have tickets available (at very reasonable prices) for both the contest and the concert in the evening... so if anyone else calls them just be persistant! :D

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