three stags.

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  1. are the concerts still on and if so whos on tonight.i heard that it had all been cancelled
  2. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    Hope not, Killamarsh are playing this Sunday 3rd August 2008 at 7pm I believe.
  3. midlandbass

    midlandbass Member

    Yep still going ahead, albeit turnout not been as good this year.
    Francis- just so you are aware you will need to supply your own raffle tickets and sort own collection, owner is giving nothing towards the bands this year!
  4. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    Thanks - Chris will do that. Seems a bit odd resurrecting what was such a good night out (when the weather's good - or even when it's not, last year it was the first weekend of the 2007 Monsoon season and we played indoors).

    Cant understand why there aren't so many there, heard they'd got some interesting new attractions ;).
  5. Colin D

    Colin D Member

    Might want to take your own beer and bar staff as well - they were in short supply last Sunday...
  6. cherrybassett

    cherrybassett Member

    3 Stags

    I have been trying to contact the landlord for the last week but the phone just keeps ringing and ringing day and night. There seems to be some confusion over why Blidworth band didnt turn up on the 22nd June to play, albeit that I had written to the landlord 2 weeks previously and spoken to him on the phone, but apparently we just didnt turn up.

    Its a shame because it was an excellent night out and a good fund raiser for all bands attending. Hopefully Darley Dale Cricket club are going to try and rescue it for next year.
  7. Colin D

    Colin D Member

    I will take a walk down tonight and survey the scene... Update tomorrow morning!
  8. midlandbass

    midlandbass Member

    Good point Colin, although given the taste of the beer cant say it was worth waiting for! We have ended up drinking anything bottled for our own health!! Okay not sure how alcohol from a bottle is really healthy before anyone states the obvious!

    TubaFran - interesting it is indeed, fair idea what you are referring, lets just say the rumours are it is to be resolved this week!!! ;)
  9. Is cloughie still manager there or has someone else took over?
  10. youngman

    youngman Member

    Cloughie not the manager any more but still pops down. Not been as good this year without him at the helm.
  11. Colin D

    Colin D Member

    Staggs shut last night. Daft "New Owner, New Attitude" banner has disappeared - I think it's the end of an era...

    Have to wait and see what happens next - Greene King won't leave it empty for long surely?

    Oh, and I can't confirm the "new attraction" - the upstairs windows were steamed up...

  12. Hornted

    Hornted Member

    Sunday evening brass

    I know we are not close to Darley Dale but just sorting out the dates -

    we are planning several weeks of concerts again at Newstead Welfare this autumn. These nights have always gone down well in the past so hopefully a replacement venue for the next season.

    Anyone bands interested in taking part please drop me an e mail

    Melanie Cooper
    Newstead Brass
  13. youngman

    youngman Member

    A black and white stripey suit with arrows had been mentioned !
    Will turn up sun and see who else is there.
  14. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    Well based on the information I have received, I'm affraid there wont be a band there.

    Apologies to anyone that especially wanted to hear us but we just aren't taking the risk. Various rumours about concerts reverting to the Square and Compass, Darley Dale Cricket Club etc.

    So if you really have a desperate need to hear us we'll be at Queens Park Bandstand next Sunday at 2.30 to 4.30 in Chesterfield.
  15. midlandbass

    midlandbass Member

    Dont blame you, difficult decision Im sure but given the uncertainty I think its the right one.
    Lets hope it gets sorted soon!
  16. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    True enough - I'd got a car boot full of wine, beers, chocolates etc for the raffle and auction - fortunately we are having a Summer Charity Dinner Dance in September so it will all be going to a good cause - Bluebell Wood, Children's Hospice at Dinnington, South Yorkshire.
  17. pixie

    pixie New Member

    Rumours? Risk??
  18. postie

    postie Member

    Real shame about the Three Stags Bestwood played their in 2007 and it was very well attended pity this has happened. Lets hope it can be resurected elsewhere in the Darley Dale area.
  19. youngman

    youngman Member

    Hi !
    Just to let people know that the pub is still open and Matlock Band will be playing there this sunday ( 10/08/2008 ) 7.30 start. All welcome.
  20. Janet Watkins

    Janet Watkins Member

    Did you play at the Three Stags Heads on Sunday?

    I had heard that it was boarded up.

    Whitwell are booked to play there on Sunday 24th August :-?

    Any update on the situation would be gratefully received.

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