Three Miniatures - any recording?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by HannahLouise, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. HannahLouise

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    Does anyone know of a recording of Three Miniatures by Philip Sparke, the Third Section Butlins test piece?

  2. Anglo Music Press

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  3. James Yelland

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    Also on the 1998 National Brass Band Championships CD - but the one mentioned above is the better of the two.
  4. ploughboy

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    Philip, Could I ask, How much input do you have a recording like this of your pieces? I know there are countless other composers that have had disks of their work recorded. Do the band contact you? do you book the band and promote your material? In terms of recordings how close to your score do the band play? I've always wondered this, not specifically on this CD or your music. . . seen as this thread is here I thought It was a good place to ask . .

  5. Anglo Music Press

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    Usually no input at all. In this case I was due to produce this CD but was stuck in the US thanks to volcanic ash. Grrr.......... Generally the readings by bands of the level who record CDs are pretty close to the score. Some closer than others, of course :)

    CDs like this are usually organised by the publisher concerned, rather than the band or composer.