Three Inventions

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  1. Dago

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    Is this really by Kenneth Downie? It shows very little of the Kenneth Downie of recent years - wonder if it is an early work which has been unpublished until recently or an old composition excercise?
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    3 Part Invention

    Very much Ken Downie. Listen to a St Austell Suite and you will note the similarities. The lyrical cornet solo in movement 1 is reminiscent of some of his SA writing. I don't think that this is a regurgitated work that has been sitting gathering dust for years - primarily because there has always been a great demand for Kens' music.

    What might be the case is that there were ideas which he had held on to that came to fruition when he was asked to write this piece (2005 if I remember correctly).

    Who knows?

    Certainly not his best piece I grant you (!) but look a wee bit deeper and you will spot the Downie-isms!
  3. Dago

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    I know St Austell Suite - its nothing like it. He may have been asked to write 'a' piece in 2005 - is this it? Three Inventions has none of the harmonic structure of his recent (post 2000) works and melodically is rather simple. Much of the thematic development is not apparent and texturally is not what I have come to expect - See Purcell Variations, St Austell, St Magnus etc...

    You will have to be more convincing than that.
  4. Gorgie boy

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    No I won't. Not if I don't want to be. I can be as unconvincing as I like, and I stand by my statement. So there (dummy well and truly thrown out of the pram)

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