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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Bungle, Jun 3, 2007.

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    Hi all. My daughter Amy is 13 and plays cornet, she is going into hospital tomorrow to have four of her baby teeth removed, which have moved up into her gums. I would welcome your thoughts and prayers. She is a bit anxious at the moment, after her brass teacher went in for a routine tonsil removal operation a couple of months ago and ended up intensive care after loosing a lot of blood.
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    Hi there Bungle and AmyBungle,
    You might have seen my post last week about my Little Amy (who is 6) going in to have grommets put in her ears. She and I were both nervous but it was absolutely routine and nothing untoward happened.
    Everyone knows a hospital horror story, but they truly are so rare the chances of something bad happening are tiny.
    The worst that will happen is that she'll wake up rather sore :mad: and not be able to play her cornet for a while!:eek:
    Don't know what your hospital is like but at Leighton they have free individual televisions in the child and adolescent unit, books, paper and pens, and lovely nurses. Has she had the pre-op talk? If not there'll be people on the ward who will explain anything you ask them.
    Love and hugs from the Badgers,
    Will be thinking of you tomorrow
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    All is well

    Well the op went well, but Amy did have a reaction to the anasthetic which made her shiver when she came round and she couldn't keep any food down, so they kept her in for the night and put her on a drip.

    She is back home now and apart from some swelling is fine. We will have to see if the op has had any long term effects on her playing (she is doing her grade 3 in July) and for now her brass teacher has suggested she just does buzzing on her mouthpiece. It is possible the dreaded braces will come next.
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    Glad the op. went well...I had a similar problem a few years ago - a couple of my adult teeth decided not to grow and one baby tooth didn't fall I had an operation to have them taken out...the roof of my mouth was very swollen for a couple of weeks (liquid food is fun!), but it was back to normal in time...

    Then I got to have a brace for the next two years!

    Three years later and I'm almost back to normal...there's just a little bit of metal left in my mouth now, behind my front teeth! :rolleyes: