Thoughts from a Contest virgin !!

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Red Elvis, Sep 15, 2004.

  1. Red Elvis

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    Got back from Harrogate on Monday and today is the first chance I've had to get onto a keyboard !!
    Never having played in a contest before , I was unsure of what the experience would be like .All in , after playing many different types of gigs over the years with SA / orchestra / Big band etc I can safely say that this was a totally unique experience and one which I thoroughly enjoyed.
    Arriving at 1400 for the 2nd section draw , we got number 16 and after an hour or so of pacing about our MD made the sensible decision to get back to the hotel and chill out for a couple of hours - an excellent idea Mr Sheldon !! Consequently , when we got back at just after 1800 there was not the amount of hanging about I was told to expect , and progress through the warm-up area , through registration and onto stage was fairly quick , but why do you only get desperate for the loo when the scary woman on the desk tells you you can't go once cards been stamped ???
    The acoustic was unlike anything I've played in before - totally flat , and to me it seemed like I was playing along to a recording as the sound of the various parts all merged into one and became quite indistinct .Because of that I was unable to make any sort of sensible call about where we may have come.I'd have been interested to hear what the bands sounded like from in the audience.
    Very happy with our 5th place , and now I can't wait for the next contest !! Makes me realise now what I've been missing these past few years and how much I'd missed banding !!
    So , well done to Hathern and indeed all the other competing sections .Big thanks to my Brother for getting me back into banding , and above all , big wet sloppy kisses (with tongues) to all you wonderful people at Becontree for making me feel so welcome.

    Ps - note to organisers .Some proper real ale will be appreciated in future ."Trophy" is a decent enough session beer , but us band types are a thirsty bunch after a blow and would like something a bit stronger!!
  2. JR

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    Glad you enjoyed it - I agree the acoustics were abysmal - worst of any finals venue i can possibly remember - much worse than Fulham Town Hall in 1969 - my first Nationals! (won by Teversal Colliery) and Imperial College (though the latter was poor)
    I intend to write to Kapitol Promotions to see if any improvements can be made for next year

    JOhn Roberts
  3. brassbailey

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    Well done ELvis,I told you that you would enjoy the experience..It is quite unique.I think the folks at Becontree worked hard for the day,but the two nights a week rehearsing is looming fast now that we are 1st.section from jan.AND theres Aylesbury conest at the end of Oct to keep you going!!
    Just played the recording of our performance,the band does sound good but the quality of the recording is not up to Doyens usually high standard (in my opinion).
    By the way those shades were real funky!!!!

    Chris Bailey
    Solo Trombone- Becontree Brass
  4. brassbailey

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    Totally agree,some of us at Becontree played there in 1998 but could't recollect the acoustics,though we knew it was dead,however,when we started to play I felt the Band took a couple of minutes to settle because it was such a shock.Must start rehearsing in huge halls!!!
  5. barry toan

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    Any chance of getting hold of the recording, Chris?.....
    Totally agree with what you said, i felt that it took a few minutes before we settled.... and were taken a little by surprise by this!
    Roll on Aylesbury, we're going to dish out a thrashing, i feel!
  6. brassbailey

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    Hi,Dave, Bang on with that!!!no problem with the cd as Dave has got a number of the recordings from Doyen will be available for Monday's rehearsal.
  7. Red Elvis

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    I'll be available to sign copies but I don't want any trouble from crowds of adoring female groupies !!!Can someone arrange some security to be present so I don't get mobbed. Have had no end of trouble with that since we got back....
  8. brassbailey

    brassbailey Member

    You hound-dog!!!!!!!!
  9. Laserbeam bass

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    I thought the acoustics were fantastic as I could hear every duff note that I played on Sunday LOL

    Only joking, up the London & Southern Counties bands.

    Potters Bar 1st in 4th
    Sandhurst Silver 7th In 3rd
    Becontree Brass 5th in 2nd *
    Staines Brass 3rd in 1st

    Had to mark that one as I am chairman and transposer extrordinaire
  10. horny

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    I'll cancel my friends who were coming along to line the church entrance and throw their knickers at you as you walked in with your "comedy facial hair"!!!!