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Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by boogaloo, Jan 31, 2007.

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    still need the following players...
    bass player
    baritone player
    1x euphonium player
    soprano cornet player
    2x back row cornet players

    We are based just off J35 M1 in Thorpe hesley village.
    We practise on Sunday nights between 18.45 - 20.30ish.
    No hassel, no pressure, just a cuppa at break and a desire for improvment is needed.
    if your not sure why not come for an informal chat and practise session.
    contact or tel 07877837026.
    Ho and you can always PM me... see you soon, and let the games begin..........
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    Players required for band!!!


    We need players on certain parts in the band, contact me if you fancy helping the band out on any basis(perm or Part-time) thats up to you!

    Where based on the out-skirts of Rotherham and Sheffield, just 2mins from junc 35 on M1.

    why not?
    PM me for more in-depth information.;)
  3. boogaloo

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    new vacancies have arisen.

    Thorpe hesley brass band

    We are again looking for some key players to make this improving band better.

    we need:

    2 euphs
    1 bass trom
    1 E flat bass
    2 B flat basses
    any additional cornets are always welcome.

    come along and have some fun (banding should not be too serious, until the time is right, that is!!!)

    e-mail chris for details at
    or just P.M me and go from there, any intrest is better than none.
    We practice in Thorpe hesley scout hut, until new band room is ready on sunday nights at 6.30 till 8.00 ish.;)

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