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    I don't know what all the fuss about players wages are. David Thornton is one of three maybe 4 Euphonium players I would pay to see/hear. Glyn Williams, David Thornton, Steven Mead and possibly David Child's when he isn't swooping and glissing. David T has acknowledged he went for the money, as have Leyland. Why is it still frowned upon to mention money? We hear about it in other walks of life, it's like a old boys network......oooh we don't mention money its just not British. Well some banders are the very best brass musicians around in all genre's of music. I would be more alarmed if they didn't get payed! Is it because some pertinent questions may get asked about what wages some conductors command for a 2 hour rehersal? As for Wingates, while everyone would admit their glory years are perhaps behind them can I suggest if it wasn't for that band fulfilling their role David Thornton possibly wouldn't of become the player he did. Don't slag them too much, they do a important job, moving potential from A to B. If we didn't have those types of bands, British banding would be getting left behind by their European counterparts right now. It's the strongest part of British banding, high quality lower level bands. Europe don't have that luxury in numbers.....yet!
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    Agreed - without bands like wingates & Leyland there could be no Fodens or B&R.


    Another fine example of championship section loyalty there !
  4. Loyalty is a two way process. Leyland cannot expect it when they moved a fine player on to make way.
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    What is the thing with loyalty? Becuase I got slagged off for it a few years ago and as an aspiring professional musician I've kind of mostly always done what's best for me, although That doesn't mean I don't think about how it affects other people and take it into account.
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    Polite reminder.... play nicely folks.

    Thanks in anticipation.
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    Very good point.


    I was simply making the point that nowadays, players move for the fattest paycheck. It used to be in the rules that bands had to made up of amateurs (no professionals) but that went a long time ago !

    I'm also aware that bands in the higher sections show no loyalty whatsoever to players, even players who are the most reliable and regular at rehearsals. It's a nasty egotistical world up there.
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    Don't forget about the old works bands though - not uncommon to have "full-time" employees of the works who were expected to attend rehearsals during normal working hours. If that's not paid playing, I don't know what is.
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    I dont know which part of the galaxy your head is in! I can count on one hand, the number of bands who "pay" their players now, and only 4 of them pay out 'fat pay cheques'. It is quite disgusting to assume that we move for money! Up until the end of March, I was a playing member of the Leyland band (none of whom get paid these days). I was given an oppertunity to move to a band alot closer to home! Yes, Im lucky to be a member of Fodens now, but I left Leyland because of the 400 miles plus a week I was clocking up! Not because I was offered huge amounts of money to do so!!!! In fact, I turned down an offer to go down to Grimethorpe as well due to travel (although Im sure I would have been well reimbersed for my efforts as well as a nice free trip to OZ) so where is this fat paycheque coming from? The fact is this, only a few lucky bands have the resources to be able to pay players for their time, effort and talent. The rest of the bands in the top echlons have to face the facts that if they were to pay, there would be no band!

    I also take note that you state that its a nasty and egotistical world up there. I dont know what your experiences have been like, but mine are very, very different. Ive been very fortunate to play with some of the best bands in the country/ world and I havent really come across this side. Of course there are bands and players that are, but in the main, I actually find that most of the bitching, rivalry, jealousy and hatered of others (both bands and players) come from the lower sections. Maybe Ive been lucky up to know but my experience tells me that in this day and age, either you are really really unlucky or you are a real loose cannon (disgrace, mouthing off, primadonna, etc. Fill in your own word here). Bands in this day and age cannot afford to sack people left right and centre as there are no where near the amount of readily available players out there to replace them. My experience tells me that if you turn up, put in the effort and work, keep your head down and generally show the members of your band that you are a valued member for the above reasons, then you will keep your seat and improve as well.


    wow...that's a little uncalled for !! I did resort to personal insults, merely made a general observation. For your information, I'm neither unlucky or a loose cannon and I take that as an insult, as for my comments about it being a nasty and egotistical world up your PM
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    'twas not meant to be a personal attack on you. When I used the word you regarding being unlucky or a loose cannon, I was referring using it in the general sense. I did say in the sentence before that i was referring to bands and players being sacked.
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    Maybe I should of said people instead as that's what I meant.
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    In my years as a london session musician I played for the most money I could get. You were maybe not the first call player on the list but you earn a living by playing! The union rate was a starting point for negotiations. I personally had no problem sitting next to a drummer, guitarist, pianist etc who was getting more than me. (or less) When you are good you are in demand and thats how you make money. to be a good as DT and others you have to be a pro so money and golden hello's should not be a problem?
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    If the band in question - chooses (and can afford) to play a player like DT to join, it is up to them.
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    I have been following this thread and all the recent player moves and whilst I can honestly say out of all the places for DT to go, I certainly wasn't expecting Brighouse.

    Now, though, I think this thread has run its course along with the associated responses. DT has moved. Hard luck to Leyland, good move Brighouse. End of.
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    I'd just like to wish Dave well! He's a top guy and turns out for charity gigs time and again without payment!
    I also wish people could use have instead of of (not all the time :-?)
  19. :clap: I agree with all you say.
  20. Of course a chance to work with DK would be another draw. Perhaps another YBS is slowly being built, collecting the team together.

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