This made me laugh, but shouldn't have !!!

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    My next door neighbour has been organising a concert involving local choirs and a local brass brass band along with other artistes.

    The secretary of the band advised the organiser that they could participate in the concert but.......'we will have to be done by 8.30 as the conductor has a darts and dominoes match to go to' !!!!!!!!

    The band has since pulled out of the concert, advising the organiser by text !!

    Such behavior really does not give a good impression of the brass band movement.
  2. brownrob

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    Dr Childs is rather good at the darts Ill have you know! :D
  3. StellaJohnson

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    advising by text absolutely no way!!
    but also you can't say you can do it when you might not be able
  4. postie

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    Absolutely shocking behaviour gives brass bands a really bad image.
  5. tubafran

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    Clearly this band has done concerts with choirs and other artistes before and was well aware how long it was going to go on for - start at 7pm finish about midnight, with the band starting and finishing with the "massed" choir and band finale.

    Telling them they'd got to be away by 8.30 seems ok to me just wouldnt have mentioned the darts ;)

    Why they just couldnt have said they werent interested in doing it would have been so much better?
  6. funnythingthat

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    Sack the conductor.