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  1. Chris Sanders

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    REALLY hard! I only got two of the three and it took me ages!!!

    You have to check this out!!!

    The link below takes you to a sight of 2 pictures that are identical
    to each other -- see if you can find 3 differences.

    If you do, then you are part of an elite group of individuals!

    This has been tested on 1000 people, and only 10% could find all three

    But all three differences exist. (don't worry about the instructions in
    Dutch at the beginning, it just says: "spot the 3 differences")

    Try it!! It took me agessss but I was able to find 2 before I gave up.
    oh you have to look close.. and a little tip -- look at the town! Also if
    you have sound on your PC it's much better as the backing music is cool!
  2. Chris Sanders

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    sorry, link doesnt work

    *hangs head in shame*


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    ^ What he said !!
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    *runs away*
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    thats just stupid :confused: theres no differences, a stupid bloke with wonky teeth and spongebob :confused:
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    A quality link! Didn't get me, honest!
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    Chris you nasty man, that scared me too much and woke up my lil cousin!!!! :(
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    Mean mean nasty boy!! Straight to bed with no supper....... now!!! :eek:
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    LMAOOOOO! It was horrid.. cos I knew something was coming!