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    Hi fellow banders

    I am doing some research on brass bands and the popular music culture.

    One of the pieces I have delved into is thingumybob by blackdyke.

    Now I know it was released by apple records on 5th september 1968 and that it was a lenno/ mccartney job and mccartey produced it, it was recorded and mastered in mono etc.

    However can someone enlighten me as to where exactly it wa recorded on location, equipment used, who the recording engineer was and who the key personel were.

    Thanks in advance
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    Roy Newsome mentions this in his new book. When I get home tonight I'll have a look and see what he has to say.
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    I seem to recall that the flip side was "Yellow Submarine", and I think that the recording was done in a Yorkshire Town Hall (? Dewsbury, Huddersfield or Cleckheaton ).
    I do know that Paul McCartney was present at the recording.

    - Mr Wilx
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    A little bit of the single's backgound can be found here.
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    In addition to the information on the link above, Roy Newsome fills in a few gaps.

    The recording was done by PYE, who were already lined up to do a Dyke recording for Paxton on the Saturday, Bob Auger being the producer. The equipment was left in place and the band recorded on Sunday morning, expecting it to be a simple process, as the balancing etc had been sorted out the previous day.

    Paul McCartney's arrival apparently came as something of a surprise, resulting in a couple of hours of experimentation to get the "band in the park" sound he was looking for. Eventually, Bob suggested they should take the band outside, and this was where the recording finally took place, with a couple of takes of each number.

    The band then had to pile on the coach for their two stints in the park at Adwick-le-Street.