There is a way for Unemployed people to be paid to work for your band!

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    Forgive me if this appears to look like an advert, however this is something that could benefit all bands and schools.
    There is the opportunity for unemployed people to get paid to train as well as work for your band/school or organisation. The applicant gets no loss to their benefits and in fact gets an additional £145 per week as well as a level 1 or 2 qualification. We as a college employ the applicant and they have the role of Active Events Co-ordinator

    The band get someone working for them 25 hours a week for 6 months at no expense to the band.
    I have introduced this to my own youth band and have had two placements, one is working on organising a PR and recruitment event. The other has been tasked with organising a open day.
    · 25 hours per week for 6 months
    · Approximately £145 per week
    · Key State Benefits unaffected
    · Free Training and Education to QCF Levels 1 & 2
    · Progression opportunities on completion
    · Start within weeks
    · Local Provision and Local Work Placement
    · Improve Literacy and Numeracy
    · Enhance work skills
    · Develop a new career.


    If you are are unemployed and interested please contact us 0800 292 2922

    If you are a organisation and interested in introducing this to your band/school or organisation please contact me via PM or call me on 07855 555915
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    Looks like an advert?.....
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    I'm not sure it's entirely correct either. If you already hold a L2 or 3 qualification, I'm not sure this applies.

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    just awaiting DWP confirmation on this point- will advise when the answer is forthcoming

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    Hi All
    Thanks for all the private messages and enquiries.
    To answer the good point raised (thanks Yorkie for the query and follow up message to me) I can confirm the following

    What Yorkie states describes does apply, but only to Colleges and only to DfE/LSC funding.

    Future Jobs Funds is connected to DWP, and is completely different. Provided the person is on JSA for 26+weeks it doesn’t matter if they have a PhD, they are eligable for this scheme.

    If anyone wants any further information, please PM me.

    Many thanks
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    Does the JSA continue as underlying entitlement while the person studies?

    I only ask because JSA is a passport benefit for local authority benefits (ie: housing and council tax benefit) so if the £145 per week is paid in stead of JSA, this could well affect their entitlement to HB and or CTB. However if the entitlement remains (underlying) I'd assume there should be no effect.

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    Key state benefits remain unaffected
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    I thought the individuals entitlement to state benefits (JSA etc) was unaffected but they did not receive these during the period of employment....!

    It was a very clever move from the outgoing Labour Government to reduce unemployment numbers (was it 250,000 places..) by using the money it cost in benefits to pay a salary instead.

    Having said that it is a good programme and several of my clients have benefited hugely from the individuals they have employed and, in many cases retained them after the 6 months.

    I would like to check though, there is no qualification attached to the Future Jobs Fund so hHow is that additional element being carried out, using what funding and in what format?


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    Hi Steve- I have sent you a PM.