There has to be someone out there......

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    There has to be someone out there who could fill our 2nd Trombone,front row cornet and percussion seats. Apart from the above we have a full band which are going from strength to strength in the 1st section under the expert guidence of our MD Nick Sheppard. If you fancy a go and feel committed enough to join this fabulous team of players, we welcome you.....Go on give us a go.....Want to know more?
    have a look at our website
    which is expertly run by our very own Susan Clough, who, funnily enough has the best photo on the site
    Our location is 2 minutes from junction 4 of the M65.

    Happy New Year to you ALL

    Mandy Pickles
    01282 842992
    07952 964886
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    i am willing to help out in anyway possible but i am unlikely to join.

    any deps for concerts or contests let me know

    matt fearn
    PC Flixton Band