Theory books for Beginner's Band

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by meandmycornet, May 7, 2006.

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    Hello again tMPers!

    Well the South Molton Beginner's Band now exists! after a successful open morning yesterday, we now have upto 11 brand new beginners!

    We have pretty much decided that we'll be using the 'Essential Elements 2000' tutor books, but we'd really like a theory book for them aswell.... mainly to be evil and give them homework... but we also feel that theory is a really important part of learning an instrument!

    Mum (who's going to be the beginner's band MD) thinks we should get the ASBRM Grade 1 work books, but seeing as they mostly all 10 or under (we have some right littley's!) I'm not convinced it will be much fun! Anybody got any ideas?

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    chesters do some nice easy funn theory sheets
    great for kids!
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    Just had a look at that on, looks really good! I've seen and used (when I was very little!) a book called 'the theory fun factory' I remember it being quite good, has anyone else used it? and is it as good as I remember it being?
  4. Our kids used the "Theory is fun Series" by maureen Cox published by subject publications. These might be a little more suitable for you
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    What do you mean WHEN? :rolleyes:
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    i would use the "theory made easy for little children" by lina Ng and then moving on to My first theory book also by Lina Ng. My daughter had a set of these when she was 7 and was starting to try the violin. She recently passed her Grade 2 AB teory exam with 87% (merit) after spending only 40 minutes in the exam! She didn't start playing a brass instrument until September (she ditched the violin after a term of lessons thank God) but says that it was much easier cos che had used the Theory Made Easy books.