Thein Trombones

Discussion in ' User Reviews' started by JonP, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. JonP

    JonP Member

    Im currently doing some work with a couple of Thein trombones.

    Has anyone here tried them? Anyone own one?

    What did you think, it would be great to here your thoughts.

  2. basstrom_thein

    basstrom_thein New Member

    County Durham
    I have a 2006 Ben van Dijk bass, finest bass trombone money can buy. Tried Rath, Edwards, Shires, Haag and Laetzsch, Thein came out on top. Personally spend most of my time in brass bands, but it blends very nicely with the local philharmonia. Adjudicators don't like the germanic sound much though, bit too dark and focused for them I think, they're used to the brassier American style. If you want one, go to the factory, as theres no such thing as a standard Thein, they're all built to personal needs.

    And they're not cheap, but they are the Rolls Royce of bass trombones.

    Thanks, AM.
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