The Yorkshire Battle!

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  1. ok folks, we know reading are NOT going to faulter this season

    makes a change for them as in past years, theyve been in and around the top positions and then gone off the pace towards the end of the season

    totally a different story for them this time, reading fans, prepare yourself for a tough premiership test next season!

    so this now begs the question, WHO WILL JOIN THEM?

    sheffield united currently STILL hold the 2nd auto place, BUT, form aint on their side right now!

    the form sides up there are currently leeds united and watford

    my personal view is that the 2nd place is gonna be contested between the 3 teams mentioned above, i think the gap between them and the teams below is now too big, considering the good form that leeds united and watford are currently on.

    my HOPE is that leeds united will finish 2nd, coz i dont trust them in the playoffs, we'd go out on penalties in the playoff final i think, knowing leeds's luck in "cup" competitions in recent years.

    but realistically, i think leeds still have it all to do, if they can beat sheffield united when they meet up soon then i think leeds will finish 2nd, if its a draw then it will go down to the wire, if leeds lose it, then leeds will not finish 2nd. if leeds do finish 2nd, i think watford will beat sheffield united in the playoff final.

    what do you all think about this mouthwatering final few games of the championship season?!

    could be a close 1 i think!

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    Agreed its quite exciting

    Firstly Reading - had a greeat year but no doubting they will go up as champions but I just get the feeling its too long in coming and they have got into a bit of a ''well we know we are up'' malaize, can they get out of it readiness for next season in the top flight?

    Sheffeild Utd must be in turmoil certainties a few weeks back but now being reeled in, if they don't get up automatically I beleive they will be knocked out straight away in the play offs.

    Watford or Leeds? - take your pick, personally as a southerner i would like to see Watford get up and show what a fine investment they made in such a young manager.

    gauranteed the play off winner will the team that comes into form right at the end finishes 5th or 6th and gets up

    take your pick from Crystal Palace, Preston or Wolves

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    You mean there is something below the premiership well bu99er me!!!! i hadnt realised!:tongue:
  4. yes there is and i'd say its got as much excitement as the premiership if not more right now

    some big games this weekend, could change the complection of the table depending on who wins

    last week leeds played norwich, sheffield utd played coventry, this week its the other way, leeds play coventry, sheffield utd play norwich, these 2 games will be games to keep your eyes on

    i feel leeds's squad depth is vitally important. sean gregan whos played really well in central defence now has a suspension, in his place, is the equally good matty kilgallon, who has also played really well this season. if sheffield utd get any injuries or suspensions, i aint too sure they have as much depth as leeds. richard cresswell got an injury and we have rob hulse, david healy, and robbie blake who can all do a job upfront, midfield we have options in all positions aswell, and i think we have 2 of the best goalkeepers in the division in neil sullivan and ian bennett, both have played excellent this season!

    1 little point about watfords talented young manager. his previous job was head coach at leeds united ;)

    yes adie boothroyd has almost done a kevin blackwell, he's been an assistant, moved on, and proved his worth as a manager, big kev did the same after having been neil warnocks assistant for a number of years.

    just a couple of cool facts for you all there

    i would love to see leeds join reading in the top 2, and watford come up too through the playoffs

    im not sure about reading, i dont think their form will go so bad that they fail to qualify, i think they know the challenge ahead in the premiership means they will have to pull out all the stops, fact is, they only really need to draw all their remaining games to win the title, if they want 100points at the end of the season, then they could do with tightening things just for a couple more games perhaps.

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