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    Hello Folks

    Just a reminder that we meet at 19:30 on Monday nights at Fontenay Barracks, Wakefield Road, Barnsley, S71 1NU (
    All players are welcome from Brass, Wind or Percussion and although we have a good compliment of musicians already, we are always happy to welcome more.
    To look at joining, all that we ask is that you are 16 years or over and have a standard of around Grade 6 although the examination isn't necessary.There are no auditions and marching/ceremonial training will be given where required
    We are a Concert and Marching band with a good mixed selection of engagements in 2012

    In addition to our main focus, we are also beginning to gather players to form a Corps of Drums and as we have Drums waiting, if you are interested in joining this venture then please let us know.

    We have a website at which tells you little more about what to expect.

    We are uniformed; We do expect a good level of commitment; You will be valued as a member and with a good library, there is every opportunity to challenge yourself musically.
    The bands primary function, is to help with the splendid ongoing work of The RBL but notwithstanding this, the band is free to pay expenses to its members as and where it desires. Also, the band is not tied to specifically play for the RBL. The band is run in line with the constitution of other Royal British Legion Bands.

    This is something different and won't be for everyone. However, if you want to be part of a military style band without taking the Queens shilling then maybe we have the opportunity for you.

    If its not for you, then please tell your friends.

    Please contact us on 07903 553496to let us know that you are coming to the rehearsal or just to chat!
    The Yorkshire Band of The Royal British Legion - Shoulder to Shoulder with All who serve
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    As the band continues to grow we are pleased to welcome 2 new clarinet players, 2 sax players and a euph player to the fold. However we still have some vacancies in the cornet section.
    Ideally we are looking for 3 players to come and outshine the three troms...Come on, you know you want to cornets!
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    Corps of Drums!

    We have 6 side drums and a bass drum which are just waiting to be played at the front of the band.
    Could you or any of your friends be interested in joining our Corps of Drums?
    Professional training available in all aspects of playing, drill etc although some knowledge would be preferable.
    Contact us for more info

    The Yorkshire Band of The Royal British Legion - Standing shoulder to shoulder with all who serve
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    only ONE vacancy left!

    We have ONE place left available on our Corps of Drums. Do you want to be at the front of the band leading parades, performing drum displays and being the focus of much attention? If so then grab this chance now. All tuition, music, uniform, instrument etc provided..all that you require is enthusiasm, as sense of humour, the desire to work and play hard and a bag of commitment..Message us TODAY!

    The Yorkshire Band of The Royal British Legion - Standing shoulder to shoulder with all who serve[/QUOTE]
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    With an average age of just 35 years old, the Yorkshire Band of the Royal British Legion is doing its bit to introduce a younger element into the Royal British Legion. Support your Yorkshire County Band by joining us at rehearsals if you are a brass, woodwind or percussion player and of over grade 6 standard. We meet at Fontenay Barracks, Barnsley every Monday from 19:30 until 21:30. The British Legion is NOT for old men. It is very much alive and kicking!
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    And to think I fought in the war (catering corps, Colchester) so that you could play toy soldiers.

    I nearly choked on my All-Bran!

    Alive and Kicking (if I catch you) Bob
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    Likewise Bob, I served 15 years in the army. Never played tin soldiers though!
    keeping the legion going is the job of the young so that funds can be raised for now and the future. People are under the misapprehension that the RBL is for old folks and to sustain it for years to come we have to change that thinking.
    however, if you want to catch me then please feel free to come to a rehearsal and well chat.
    Go easy on the all bran !


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