The Yorkshire Band of the Royal British Legion has Vacancies

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    Edit: for current vacancies and contact details please see most recent posts

    The Yorkshire Band is a newly formed concert (wind) band which is based in the Wakefield area of west Yorkshire, handy for the M1 and players from West and South Yorkshire.

    The band will be assuming the name of a well established National Institution very shortly but until then will simply be known as 'The Yorkshire Band'.

    Currently with a core of enthusiastic and experienced players, the band has at its heart the desire to be a premier concert and marching band which will represent its founding organisation both in looks and professionalism.

    Entry to the band will be from Grade 6 upwards although the examination is not necessary and currently we have vacancies in most areas of the band. However, the band will be capped at 35 players.

    Why not enquire and join a new and vibrant band at the time of its formation, allowing you to shape the future of your own music making.

    With engagements for next year already coming in, perhaps now is time to dust off your instrument (yes we welcome return to playing and students) and come and see what we are all about.
    If you want something new and fresh then this band is the one for you.

    You have nothing to lose by contacting us and perhaps this is where your new banding career begins.

    Feel free to message us via TMP or mail All enquiries will be treated in the strictest confidence.

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    Sounds good, What night/nights are you rehearsing?
  3. Best of luck! We are doing a similar venture in Salisbury. We met some pipers yesterday and have associations with a Corps of drums. This should help if we are able to offer Beating Retreat. Have you found a suitable place to advertise for players?
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    Sounds ideal
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    Rehearsals are Wednesday nights.
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    Hi, sent PM, regarding Alto Sax Vacancies.
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    HI There
    Many Thanks, I'll PM back right away. Cheers
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    I'm pleased to announce that the band will be known as' The Yorkshire Band of The Royal British Legion'
    Many Thanks for all those who are showing an interest
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    Still Available

    After an initial flurry of attention, we still have a couple of seats to fill in this concert/marching band. With some superb support from The Royal British Legion we look forward to a great 2012 with some exciting engagements in the pipeline.
    All enquiries in the strictest confidence

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    Just noticed on Twitter that after management team meeting you are announcing rehearsal location soon - great. Do you have any space on the management team? If so, I'll PM you with my details.
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    HI Trombone84

    Thanks for the enthusiasm regarding the management of the band. Please PM me your details and one if us will give you a call. Meantime we hope to see you at the next rehearsal?
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    Hi, any details of when and where, the next Rehearsal will be?

    Also sent an Email, requesting info.


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    When and where do you rehears?
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    Evening All
    Just to confirm that we are in the middle of moving to our new rehearsal venue, address to follow later this week. We'll also confirm then the date of the next rehearsal.
    This rehearsal will be the first proper start of the band as we have engagements now rolling in and have some work to do.
    Many Thanks for everyones interest and we still have some vacancies
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    If you PM me your details then I'll ensure that you are kept up to date.
    Currently I am asking for name, telephone number and email address and I'll give you a call
  16. The Royal British Legion in Salisbury on a Thursday. We are having our first one off rehearsal tomorrow but since most of us are woodwind we find we have not enough brass players yet. I've posted again here and on 4barsrest. Am also trying contacts from the other bands we play in via Facebook. Have not had much luck contacting local bands direct.
    How are you getting on? We found David Cole very helpful. We are planning to use copyright free music first because of the cost. We are starting with the Royal Fireworks Music and Holst Suite No1. After a break we are playing marches and inviting members from downstairs to listen. How are you doing for uniform, music and players?
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    Rehearsal space?

    Our rehearsal venue has suffered some structural problems and so, we are looking for a new place in the wakefield/barnsley etc are to rehearse.
    If anyone knows of anywhere, please would you be kind enough to pass the information on. Rehearsals cannot resume until we get somewhere new and therefore, essential British Legion fundraising also cannot take place.
    Thanks for the help and advice but of course during this time, we are still looking for new players:)

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    If you give me a ring I have an idea for a rehearsal venue in Wakefield.
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    Brilliant, will call you tomorrow. Thanks again