The World of Brass SALE 2005

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    The World of Brass SALE 2005 is now on!.

    Many CDs only £6.99 or 4 for £20
    Even more CDs only £4.99 or 4 for £15
    Some CDs only £2.99 or 4 for £10

    Brass bargains galore!

    Discounts for 4 CDs purchased at the same price will be applied AFTER completion of your order but before charging of your card and the despatch of your goods.

    Our trade stand at Butlins Mineworkers this weekend will be displaying some SALE stock as will our stand at the RNCM Festival of Brass but in smaller quantities.

    A SALE leaflet is being sent out to our mailing list this week and included with British Bandsman issue dated 22nd January.
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    I can't believe that with 3791 people currently registered on tMP this thread has only had 86 hits so far!
  3. PeterBale

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    Maybe they've all received the leaflets, or gone to Trade and spent up like I did :shock: ;) :D

    There are certainly some real bargains listed, not least the Britannia "Pictures at an Exhibition" (with a sublime "In memoriam RK") that was unavailable for a while.
  4. nickjones

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    Well done my delivery this morning...have a look , some great bargins :)
  5. Anglo Music Press

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    87 now!;)
  6. HBB

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    135... :roll:
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    That's done the trick then!
  8. Fridge

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    Mini rant coming up!!

    Why cant people purchase things (not just w.o.b) with Visa Electron cards!!! Its very frustrating. Can do on some web sites, but I cant if I want to buy Brass Band Music.

  9. Aidan

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    because they know you'd really prefer britney...
  10. Fridge

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  11. super_sop

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    ordered mine today
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    Kinda frustrating isn't it? It's the retailers who are putting a block on Electron cards and are gonna lose out in a major way if they keep this habit up. Some of them put forward the theory that young people may exploit the card's use for purchasing prohibited goods online. But if Solo cards have been so far accepted, that argument falls flat. What they could do is a security check on all online payments to secure account holder's details to avoid an issue like that. The retailer's merchant bank can communicate with the account holder's bank to make sure that the purchase can legitimately go ahead at the time of the transaction (both merchant and account-holder banks operate 'switch' referrals 24/7). It could also be a ploy by the banks for account holders to try and upgrade their accounts to current accounts, thus committing a minimum amount of money (usually £500 pm) to the bank of their choice. If you haven't noticed already, cheque clearance on basic bank accounts has increased from 4 to 6 business days delaying the availabilty of cash to these accounts (e.g., cardcash, easycash). All'n'all, more pressure on people to commit their earnings to a bank. :-?
  13. Jan H

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    Is Visa Electron a kind of debit card (the amount you pay with is is immediately subtracted from your current account)?

    I also find it strange that you can't use those debit cards anywhere online, while you can use them in almost any normal shop or store. There must be some sort of security reason for this, I guess...

    Anyway, I placed my order tonight (paid for with credit card), so hopefully the CD's will be waiting for me when I'm back from my trip next week ;)
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    Purchased mine last week. Mine probably won't be here for about a month, Canada customs seems to like to search through all my orders from world of brass. maybe they like to listen to it?? all i know is that they charge me $10 for looking through it, plus charging me tax on it
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    Visa Electron is a debit card without the £100 guarantee associated with current accounts. Some take on this type of account in an effort not to overspend and go into arrears. You must have the cash in your account to be able to make the purchase or it will be declined. However, since a current account is funded on a regular basis, a 'cheque' guarantee is granted by the bank, allowing the retailer to accept any transaction up to and including £100. This payment will be honoured by the bank regardless of what money is left in the person's account. Hope this clears things up!
  16. brassneck

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    ... maybe WOB can explain why they don't accept Electron?
  17. Jan H

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    Thanks fot the explanation! It seems that the debit card system is a little bit different here in Belgium. I've never heard about this "check guarantee" thing, and I can't find anything about it in the little book that I got with my debit card (which is a "Maestro" card btw)

    Anyway, I don't mind really. I have a credit card as well, to use for online shopping or sometimes when I'm abroad and can't use my debit card
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    326 now - placed my order earlier in the week.

    Sat down with the sale catalogue and struck off nearly half on the first page as I'd already got them.

    Never mind still found some to buy.
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    327! Placed my order via the web on Sunday night!....
  20. Bariman

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    500 now and I got my order today - all I have to do now is find time to listen to the new CDs.