The Wizard - George Allen

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    Does anyone know where we can purchase this march? It is available through Banks Music but only as part of a collection of Goerge Allen marches.


    York R I Band
  2. nickjones

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    Alrite Martyn

    I am sure its manuscript only sure it was old parts when Wire did it at whit friday a couple of years ago..dont know where the band got hold of the set will ask me little bro he should know.
  3. i think it was origonaly written for layland band but not 100% dont think its been published, think copys have done the rounds round bands.
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    The Wizard has been published as a single piece. will look at the band on Tuesday for the publisher and post it on here unless you want to pm me
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    Correct !
    I have a "March card" size bass part in front of me as I type.

    The heading is obliterated in places, but I THINK it reads :-

    The Brass Bands "Popular" March Journal
    Published by Geo.Allen, (?) Pears Terrace
    New Shildon
    Co. Durham

    AND, just for good measure, in the top right hand corner it reads :-
    "Engraved and Printed at Leipzig by Oscar Brandstetter"

    Time I got a life eh ?

    - Mr Wilx
  6. Yorkie

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    The Wizard - Sorted

    Thanks for your replies. We now have a set.


    York R I Band
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    Hi Martyn

    Can you advise where you got it from then as I am slo after a set

    Many Thanks