The virtuoso cornet sounds and music of Huug Steketee

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  1. MPD

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    The Netherlands
    The virtuoso cornet sounds and music of Huug Steketee
    with the Hepworth (Persimmon Homes) Band
    Conductor Mark Bentham


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    1. Introduction, Theme & Variations 7’51”
    2. - 3. Romance & 5’27” Tango 4’41”
    4. Shining Waters (soloist on trumpet: Peter Masseurs) 6’52”
    5. Lullaby 2’52”
    Seaside Impressions - duet for cornet & euphonium in three
    movements (soloist on euphonium: James Fieldhouse)
    6. 1st movement: Sounds from the promenade 5’21”
    7. 2nd movement: A sultry night on the beach 7’41”
    8. 3rd movement: Sandcastles 6’30”
    9. Love’s End (soloist on trumpet: Peter Masseurs) 4’21”
    10. Song for B 3’35”
    11. Carnival of Venice 4’59”
    12. Chanson Pastorale 6’29”

    Total time 66’41”

    A few words from James Shepherd:

    Huug Steketee is principally a trumpet player but on this disc he plays the cornet, demonstrating how modern day players have the ability to perform between various styles and techni-ques of performance. His technical command of the instrument is excellent, resulting in clarity of articulation and control over the full range of the instrument. Added to this, he plays with a warm lyrical sound which adds to the interpretive feeling he has for the music.
    Tracks 4 & 9 are played by Huug’s good friend Peter Masseurs who plays the trumpet with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Amsterdam. Peter plays his solos on the trumpet and once again we hear a player who has complete control of his instrument.
    The soloists are accompanied by the Hepworth (Persimmon Homes) Band (MD Mark Bentham) and they provide sensitive and sympathetic support throughout the CD. All 12 tracks have been written by Huug and will make an excellent addition to the repertoire of the cornet soloist.
    I am happy to recommend this CD which will make a valuable contribution to the brass enthusiast’s library.
  2. MPD

    MPD New Member

    The Netherlands
  3. Heppy

    Heppy Member

    Saddleworth, Yorkshire
    Heard the CD and it sounds awesome!

    Well done Huug!
  4. impycornet

    impycornet Member

    This is an excellent CD

    Not only is the playing by both Huug & Peter superb - But there is also over an hours worth of new repertoire - All of which I believe is available for purchase from Kirklees Music.
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