The Ultimate Sandwich thread

Discussion in 'Thread Games & Totally Random...' started by cornet.kid, May 7, 2005.

  1. cornet.kid

    cornet.kid Member

    Ok, heres how it works.

    Person 1 says a sandwich and person 2 thinks of something to add to make it rather dodgy.

    then person 2 makes their own sandwich and so on....

    1) ham and pickle sandwich

    2) marmite
    ... sandwich etc
  2. cornet.kid

    cornet.kid Member

    here we go then...

    ham and pickle sandwich
  3. meandmycornet

    meandmycornet Active Member

    (i'm the glamorous assistant!!)

    ham and pickle and mashed banana sandwich

    cheese and ketchup sandwich
  4. cornet.kid

    cornet.kid Member

    cheese and ketchup and llama steak sandwich (couldnt help it :p)

    tuna and cucumber sandwich
  5. meandmycornet

    meandmycornet Active Member

    tuna and cucumber and strawberry jam sandwich

    turkey and lettuce sandwich
  6. cornet.kid

    cornet.kid Member

    turkey and lettuce and rasbery yoghurt sandwhich

    coronation chicken and lettuce
  7. meandmycornet

    meandmycornet Active Member

    coronation chicken and lettuce and baby sick sandwich

    egg mayonnaise and cress buttie
  8. mikelyons

    mikelyons Supporting Member

    egg mayo and cress and dead spider butty

    Gorgonzola and onion sarny
  9. meandmycornet

    meandmycornet Active Member

    gorgonzola, onion and snot sarny

    philadelphia and sliced tomato sandwich
  10. mikelyons

    mikelyons Supporting Member

    philadelphia and sliced tomato and grey mould sandwich

    Brie and camembert on a toasted crumpet
  11. HorniKaz

    HorniKaz Supporting Member

    Brie, camembert & chocolate spread on a toasted crumpet

    Cheese & apple on white bread
  12. cornet.kid

    cornet.kid Member

    cheese, apple and marmite on white bread (lets face it - marmite messes anything up!)

    cheese and onion sandwich
  13. HorniKaz

    HorniKaz Supporting Member

    cheese, onion & marmite!!!! Like you said!!

    Sausage & egg on a muffin
  14. cornet.kid

    cornet.kid Member

    sausage,egg and toothpaste on a muffin (but whaddya know something else would have worked here ;))

    pancakes wiith butter and syrup and...
  15. HorniKaz

    HorniKaz Supporting Member

    panackes with butter, syrup & pedigree chum!!

    bananas & a little butter on brown bread
  16. cornet.kid

    cornet.kid Member

    bananas, a little butter and a little baby squirrel on brown bread

    peanut butter and jam sandwich
  17. HBB

    HBB Active Member

    bananas a little butter and peas on brwn bread

    ham and cheese pitta
  18. cornet.kid

    cornet.kid Member

    ok messed up but ill go on from yours :)

    ham, cheese and custard pitta

    peanut butter and jam sandwich
  19. meandmycornet

    meandmycornet Active Member

    peanut butter and jam and cabbage sandwich

    roast chicken and salsa in a tortilla wrap
  20. mikelyons

    mikelyons Supporting Member

    roast chicken and salsa and a goldfish in a tortilla wrap

    Cheese and onion crisps and tomatoes on black bread